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Nibble Review: Is it good? Don't invest before you read this! (11/2022)



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How good is Nibble?

If that's what you want to know, then keep reading.

We took a close look at the platform and tell you whether it's worth it.

In this test, we show you:

What is Nibble?

Infographic: how does Nibble work

Nibble is a P2P platform based in Tallinn, Estonia, founded in 2019.

It is a subsidiary of IT Smart Finance Holding.

Because of this, only P2P loans from loan brokers (loan originators) that belong to the same company are offered on Nibble.

Since its inception, the platform has brokered loans worth less than €2 million, making it one of the small P2P platforms in Europe.

How does Nibble work?

If you want to invest on Nibble, you first need to register online and then deposit money via a bank transfer.

With your first deposit via a standard bank transfer, you also confirm the bank account to which withdrawals can be made.

After that, you can invest directly in the offered credits.

There is not much to consider, except for a minimum investment amount of €10, except that you can only invest automatically.

When investing automatically, you can choose from different strategies, which differ in return and risk.

Furthermore, you can only invest in the primary market (initial issuance of loans), since unfortunately no secondary market is offered.


In the following, we would like to present the most important features of the platform.


The platform is not regulated by any financial market regulator.

And according to our current knowledge, this is not expected to change in the near future.


On average, the loans have an interest rate of 12% and loans are offered with a minimum interest rate of 9.70% to a maximum of 17.20%.

A comparison shows that the platform is at the average with its average interest rates, and there are some platforms that offer higher interest rates.

These include viainvest with 13% and Mintos with 12%.

On Nibble, 1 loan broker currently offers its loans, which is its Smart Finance Holding: this one only offers Payday Loans from Spain, which have a term of one month.

To assess the risk of each loan, the platform assigns risk classes (ratings) from C to AA (low risk).

Manual investing

You cannot invest manually on Nibble.

It is only possible to invest money through the automatic investment feature.

Auto Invest

On Nibble, you can invest in the loans only automatically.

You can choose from three preset strategies:

  • Classic strategy: 8% with buyback guarantee.

  • Balanced strategy: 12-12,5%

  • Right strategy: 11-14,5%

The strategies differ according to their return and risk profile, and only in the classic strategy the loans are secured with a buyback guarantee.

Beyond these strategies, you cannot invest in any other strategies or set your own strategy.

When it comes to the strategies, we notice that they are overloaded with many technical terms and other designations that probably completely overwhelm many people.

In our opinion, this is not really convincing and transparent.

Buyback Guarantee

Loans with a buyback guarantee are bought back after 60 days at the latest in case of delays.

Investors receive their originally invested capital and the lost interest as compensation.

Secondary market

There is no secondary market offered on Nibble.

But there is a possibility to get out of your loans earlier as the platform offers you to find a buyer for your loans.

Tax report

On Nibble, you can easily create the documents for your tax return.

A tax report is offered for each year, which you can download.


Unfortunately, the platform does not offer an app to manage investments.

At this point, we don't expect anything to change in the future.

How much does investing on Nibble cost?

Nibble is completely free for investors to use.

The platform does not charge any fees for deposits, withdrawals or other transactions.

Warning signals (red flags)

Currently, we would see the following warning signals on Nibble.

#1 Relation to Russia

The indirect owner of the platform through IT Smart Finance Group is Maxim Pashchenko.

As you can already guess from the name, he is a Russian.

Accordingly, it is not possible for us to finally clarify whether Maxim Pashchenko is directly or indirectly affected by any sanctions against Russia.

We also cannot clarify where he has his habitual residence.

The fact is that so far no negative developments from the citizenship are recognizable, and we actually assume that this should not have any negative consequences on the platform.

#2 Constantly changing offer

We have been watching Nibble for a bit longer, namely after we were asked by the marketing team to review the platform.

Over this period, the platform has changed it’s offering several times, including how and when the Buyback Guarantee is applied.

Also, the strategies have been constantly revamped and sometimes terms are used that we hear about for the first time in P2P lending.

To be honest, it seems a bit haphazard and also confusing.

#3 Hardly any growth

Probably following on from the previous point, we noticed that the platform could hardly fund any new loans.

A comparison with other young platforms such as Esketit or Lendermarket shows that Nibble could not achieve anywhere near similar growth.

While the other platforms had the advantage that investors already knew them from Mintos (spin-offs), this alone cannot explain the weak development.

Nibble Cashback

If you sign up with our cashback link, you will get 1% cashback on your investments after your registration.

For the calculation of the cashback, your investments during the first 90 days after your registration will be considered.

1% cashback on Nibble

Frequently asked questions

Below, we address some questions that are often asked about Nibble.

Nibble is unfavorably not officially monitored, which typically dispels any doubts about its safety.

Moreover, the platform has also not been able to successfully fund loans to a sufficient extent, which is otherwise always the next important clue for us when assessing how safe it is.

In the end, this leaves only the affiliation with the IT Smart Finance Group as proof of a secure and legal business model.

A look at the group shows that it is a profitable company with a history since 2014.

Due to the economic and legal interdependence with IT Smart Finance Group, we would therefore rate Nibble as a safe and legal platform.

The business model or the mission of Nibble is similar to that of the established platforms Twino and viainvest, which also perform the role of P2P platform within a company.

However, we would restrictively mention that this is also the only point at the current time that speaks for the safety of the platform.

How does Nibble make money?

Nibble is a 100% subsidiary of IT Smart Finance Group, which is why it passes on its profits and losses to the parent company.

Which in turn makes its money from interest income, commissions and other income from operations.

Who owns Nibble?

Nibble is 100% owned by IT Smart Finance Group, whose owner is Maxim Pashchenko.

Expert conclusion

Nibble offers attractive interest rates to investors, and it is free to use.

After a quick registration and first deposit, it is possible to invest automatically via preset strategies, which additionally facilitates the start.

But the platform has not yet been able to prove its safety to a sufficient extent. It is not regulated and has not yet financed loans to a considerable extent. Only its proximity to the IT Smart Finance Group speaks for its safety, but this was not considered for our overall assessment.

In addition, there are other warning signs, which in our opinion could only be outweighed by even higher interest rates.

Overall, we therefore do not consider the platform recommendable.

To be able to achieve comparable or even higher interest rates, Lendermarket with approx. 14% and Esketit with 13% would offer themselves in our opinion.

1% cashback on Nibble

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Last updated on 05 October 2022