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Esketit Review: Is it good? Don't invest before you read this! (2/2023)



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2.74 of 5

1% Cashback on Esketit


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  • Comparatively high Ø interest rates

  • Invest free of charge

  • Automatic investment function

  • Buyback guarantee

  • Secondary market


  • Unregulated

  • Less experienced platform

  • No app

How good is Esketit?

If that's what you want to know, then keep reading.

We took a close look at the platform and tell you whether it's worth it.

In this test, we show you:

What is Esketit?

Infographic: how does Esketit work

Esketit is a Dublin, Ireland-based P2P platform founded in 2020.

The platform is owned by two founders, Davis Barons and Matiss Ansviesulis, who are also the owners of Creamfinance Group.

This, in turn, explains why on Esketit you can only invest in loans from loan originators that are either subsidiaries of Creamfinance Group or directly owned by the founders of the platform.

Since the platform itself does not broker loans, it is also called a P2P marketplace.

Since its inception, the platform has funded more than €20 million worth of loans, making it one of the small P2P platforms.

Mintos spin-off

You might already know the loans offered if you're signed up on Mintos.

This is because Esketit is one of the spin-offs of Mintos, which also includes Lendermarket.

Before its founding, Creamfinance Group offered loans on Mintos on a considerable scale and is still active there today.

How does Esketit work?

At Esketit, you first need to register and deposit money into your account via a bank transfer before you can start investing.

With your first transfer to your account, you also confirm the bank account to which you can withdraw money in the future.

For investments, Esketit requires a minimum investment amount of €10 and it is up to you whether you want to invest manually or automatically.

On the platform, you can invest on the primary market (initial issuance of loans) and secondary market (loans from other investors).


In the following, we would like to present the most important features of the platform.


Esketit is not regulated by the Irish Financial Market Authority, and according to our current knowledge, this is not expected to change in the near future.


The average interest rate on loans is 13.34% and loans with an interest rate of 12% to 14% are offered.

In comparison, the average interest rates are in the front field, with only a few other platforms offering even higher interest rates.

These include NEO Finance with about 15%, Robocash with about 14% and Lendermarket with about 14%.

On Esketit, 4 loan brokers currently offer their loans, which are either subsidiaries of Creamfinance Group or belong to the owners of the platform.

On Esketit, mainly Payday Loans are offered, which come from 4 countries. However, most of the loans come from the Czech Republic and Mexico.

And typical for Payday Loans, the term is 30 days.

Manual investing

You can choose the loans you want to invest in one by one on Esketit.

This makes sense, especially in the beginning when you intend to invest your investment amount quickly.

It is even faster if you also use the secondary market in case there are not enough loans on the primary market that meet your requirements.

Auto Invest

With the Auto Invest function, you can automatically invest in the offered loans.

A practical feature is that the platform offers you three preset strategies:

  • Diversified,

  • Jordan and

  • CreamFinance.

At the beginning, you only need to specify once in which loans you want to invest.

However, if you would like to follow your own strategy, you can specify different settings. The most important ones are:

  • Investment per loan,

  • interest rate,

  • remaining loan term,

  • countries,

  • types of credit,

  • credit intermediary (credit initiator) and

  • Buyback Guarantee only.

Auto Invest makes a tidy impression and is straightforward to use.

In our opinion, it is not overloaded and offers all important options.

We find it a bit of a shame that you can only invest on the primary market with Auto Invest because you cannot automatically invest on the secondary market.

Buyback Obligation (Guarantee)

Delayed loans with a Buyback Obligation are bought back after 60 days.

Investors receive their original invested capital and the lost interest as compensation.

Group guarantee

In addition to the buyback obligation, Creamfinance loan brokers offer loans with a group guarantee.

This guarantee is intended to serve as additional security should a loan intermediary run into financial difficulties.

In this situation, the Creamfinance Group would then step in.

Similar concept as on PeerBerry

If you have also invested in P2P loans on PeerBerry, this concept may look familiar to you.

There, the loans are also offered by loan brokers of the Aventus and Gofingo Group with a group guarantee in addition to the buyback guarantee.

Secondary market

On Esketit, you can sell your loans or buy the loans of others on the secondary market.

Among other things, this can make sense if you want to get out of your loans early or if there are no loans available to buy on the primary market.

Basically, the secondary market is otherwise hardly different from the primary market, except that you are shown the discount or premium for the loans.

It is arranged clearly laid out and the operation is intuitive and with just one click, you can invest in a loan.

Tax report

Esketit offers you a function that allows you to generate a tax report.

You just need to specify the reporting period (year) and then you can download the report.


Unfortunately, the platform does not offer an app for investors to manage their investments.

Currently, we do not expect this to change anytime soon.

How much does investing on Esketit cost?

Investing on Esketit is completely free of charge.

There are also no fees for using the secondary market.

Likewise, no fees are charged for deposits, withdrawals and other transactions.

Warning signals (red flags)

Currently, we have not noticed any warning signals at Esketit.

Esketit Cashback

If you sign up with our cashback link, you will get 1% cashback on your investments after your registration.

For the calculation of the cashback, your investments during the first 90 days after your registration will be considered.

1% cashback on Esketit

Frequently asked questions

Below, we address some questions that are often asked about Esketit.

Esketit is not regulated by an official financial market regulator, which typically leaves no doubt about the safety of a platform.

Also, the funded loan volume of €20 million is only slowly approaching a level, which can otherwise partially confirm the safety of a platform in our opinion.

In our opinion, however, we would still rate the platform as safe.

This is supported by the close ties between the platform and the Creamfinance Group.

And also the connection between the founders of the platform Davis Barons and Matiss Ansviesulis, who are also owners of the Creamfinance Group.

This is also evident in the credit intermediaries that either belong to Creamfinance Group or are directly owned by the founders.

Another proof of security is that Creamfinance Group has previously and still sometimes brokers loans on Mintos: With the establishment of Esketit, only a part of these loans was outsourced.

How does Esketit make money?

Esketit makes its money from commissions charged by loan brokers.

Currently, this is the only way to earn money, as almost no fees are charged to investors.

Who owns Esketit?

Esketit is owned by the two founders of the platform, Davis Barons and Matiss Ansviesulis.

Expert summary

Esketit is a young but, in our opinion, exciting P2P platform that has already been able to prove its security in part with financed loans worth more than €20 million.

As explained, we would rate Esketit as a safe platform because of its proximity to Creamfinance Group, but we did not consider this in our overall rating.

The platform offers investors above-average interest rates while being completely free to use.

We did not notice any major weaknesses in Esketit directly. What the platform lacks for a significantly better overall rating is official regulation and a higher financed loan volume.

Overall, we therefore consider the platform recommendable.

We would see it as a good complement to established platforms to sustainably increase the overall return.

1% cashback on Esketit

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Last updated on 05 October 2022