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We have tested the P2P platform Esketit.

If you want to know:

  • whether we would recommend Esketit to investors,

  • how Esketit arranges loans within the Creamfinance Group,

  • what experience investors have had with Creamfinance Group on Mintos,

  • how you can automatically invest in P2P loans on Esketit,

then you will find all the information you are looking for in this test.

Let's get started.

Table of contents

Esketit Review

Introducing Esketit as a P2P platform

The P2P platform Esketit (Esketit Platform Limited) was founded by Davis Barons and Matiss Ansviesulis in Ireland in 2020. Both founders founded Creamfinance Group in 2012, which explains the close collaboration between Esketit and Creamfinance Group. According to Esketit, the two founders have never lost investors' funds during their operations and have never defaulted on their obligations, which indicates a stable foundation. As of the current status, Esketit is not supervised by the Irish Financial Markets Authority.

Esketit Platform Limited at a glance

  • Approx. 300 registered investors

  • Loan volume of approx. €2 million mediated

  • Investors can expect an average return of approx. 12% p.a. to 13% p.a. (May 2021)

  • Loans are offered from the Czech Republic, Spain, Jordan, Latvia and Mexico

  • The majority (well over 90%) of the loans are secured with buyback obligations, corporate loans (business loans) are offered without buyback obligations

  • Minimum investment amount of €10 per loan

  • Investors can invest automatically or manually

  • A secondary market is offered

  • A tax certificate is not available, but an account statement can be generated to prepare tax returns

Who can invest on Esketit?

Individuals who have reached the age of 18 and have a bank account within the European Economic Area can invest.

Businesses can also register as investors on Esketit, which need to have a bank account within the European Economic Area.

How P2P loans are offered on Esketit

Infographic about P2P platform Esketit

Esketit works very closely with Creamfinance Group for loan brokerage, which has provided the majority of loans so far.

The Creamfinance financial group owns various subsidiaries that are loan originators in various countries focused primarily on consumer lending.

Two other loan originators are owned directly by the two founders.

Accordingly, Esketit itself does not grant loans directly, as is the case, for example, with the platform Bondora and NEO Finance. In comparison with other P2P platforms, Esketit is comparable with the very successful P2P platforms Twino and viainvest.

Example: Obtaining a loan by a loan originator from Creamfinance

Esketit loan origination Creamfinance

Many loans on Esketit come from the Czech Republic. You can see how the loans are offered to potential borrowers on the site of the loan originator crediton.cz (Creamfinance Czech s.r.o).

Ratings on Esketit

Esketit does not publish ratings for the loans it offers. It only distinguishes between loans with and without buyback obligations.

Collateralization of loans on Esketit

With very few exceptions, the loans on Esketit are classic short-term loans or standard installment loans, which are typically granted unsecured.

"Skin in the game" on Esketit

The founders of Esketit have an equity stake in the loan originators. As a result, the management of the platform has a direct and immediate interest in ensuring that the loan originators do not run into financial difficulties.

This is of great advantage to investors on the platform because they share the risk with the management of the platform that loan originators can go bankrupt. If a loan originator on Esketit was to go bankrupt, not only the investors would lose money, but also the management of Esketit.

Experiences of investors with Esketit

The Esketit platform is still too young to make a reliable and fair statement about what experience investors have had with the platform. Theoretically, a platform should have been on the market for at least 3 years and should have issued at least €50 million worth of loans in order to be make a qualified assessment.

In the case of Esketit, on the other hand, things are a little different. Because Creamfinance Group, which takes care of most of the loan brokerage, is not an unknown name in the P2P business.

Creamfinance on Mintos

Creamfinance on Mintos

Creamfinance Group has brokered more than €700 million in loans on Mintos. By comparison, Twino has brokered about €800 million worth of loans, making it one of the largest European P2P platforms.

Or to put it another way, if Creamfinance had offered P2P loans through the Esketit platform from the beginning, Esketit would probably be one of the top 5 P2P platforms in Europe today.

For investors, this means that they are investing in loans on a young P2P platform from a financial group that has already been very successful in offering loans to investors on Mintos. The advantage for investors becomes apparent relatively quickly in the expected return. While investors on Mintos have received an average return of 11% p.a. for loans from Creamfinance, the returns on Esketit range from 12% p.a. - 13% p.a. It may be worthwhile for investors to invest in the group's loans directly on Esketit rather than investing in the same loans through Mintos.

Group structure of Esketit beneficial for investors

During and after the financial crisis, it became apparent that platforms that directly originate their loans (Bondora, NEO Finance) or that can directly influence loan origination, for example by having the loan originators owned by the platform's parent company (Twino, viainvest), have done particularly well during the crisis.

Platforms with direct influence on loan intermediation do not have to agree on measures with loan originators or other third parties to find solutions in times of crisis. As a result, they can implement measures more quickly and do not have to compromise with loan originators, which may be harming investors as well as the platform.

Even though the platform is still very young, it certainly has the great potential to catch up with the other major P2P platforms Twino and viainvest, which have a similar business model.

Since the loan originators on Esketit belong to the Creamfinance Group, which in turn is owned by the owners of Esketit, or owned directly by the founders, investors can also expect the platform to be able to react quickly in times of crisis to avert major damage.

Advantages and disadvantages of Esketit


  • An average expected return of approximately 12% p.a. to 13% p.a. (May 2021)

  • Loans are offered from the Czech Republic, Spain, Jordan, Latvia and Mexico

  • Well over 90% of the loans are secured with buyback obligations

  • Investors can invest from 10 euros automatically or manually

  • A secondary market is available

  • Investors do not pay any fees


  • A tax certificate is not offered, but a bank statement is offered as an alternative

  • The platform is still very young, but works closely with Creamfinance Group

  • If the platform goes bust or defaults on a series of loans, you could lose a large portion of your money - despite buyback obligations.

Register as an investor with Esketit

Signing up on Esketit is very easy in 4-5 steps. 

Esketit Cashback 1%

Register via our exclusive Esketit registration link and you will get an additional 1% on top of what you deposit and invest from Esketit.

1. Register as a user on Esketit

You can register either by clicking the "Login" button and then "Not registered? Sign up here" or directly via the "Sign up" button on the start page below.

Esketit - register as user

Here you can choose between private investor and company, enter your email address and phone number and choose a password. Then click on "Next".

2. Enter personal data

Esketit registration - step 2

In the second step Esketit needs your personal data, like full name and address.

3. Enter financial data

Esketit registration: step 3

In the third step you need to answer a few questions about your financial situation, like:

  • What is the main source of your investment funds?

  • What is your annual household income after taxes?

  • How much of your income do you plan to invest?

  • What is your country of tax residence?

  • Are you a politically exposed person?

4. Verify your identity

Esketit registration - verify identity

Now you just need to confirm your identity, which can be done completely online in less than 10 minutes.

You need your identity card or passport, normal lighting conditions and your cell phone. You can also do this step without a cell phone, but in our opinion it is easier with a cell phone.

On this page it states (see screenshot) that you have to answer some more questions. However, this step seems to be omitted, since you have already answered the questions in the third step.

The verification is done by veriff. After you have successfully completed the verification via your cell phone, you are fully activated and receive an email about the successful registration.

5. Verify your bank account

Verification of your bank account is done with the first deposit to your Esketit account.

Deposits and withdrawals on Esketit

Deposits and withdrawals on Esketit are made through a central account. Based on the payment details, deposits are assigned to different users.

Deposit money

If you want to deposit money, select "Deposit & withdraw" from the top menu.

Esketit - deposit money

There you will find the account details to make a transfer to your Esketit account.

It is important that you enter the payment details correctly. Otherwise the transfer cannot be assigned to your account.

It may take up to five working days until you see the deposit on your platform account. If it is still not there, contact the support.

Withdraw money

Esketit - withdraw money

To withdraw your funds, select "Deposit & withdraw" from the menu and scroll down to "To withdraw funds". Here you can enter the amount and select the destination account.

Within the European Economic Area the amount should be in your bank account within 2 business days. Outside it may take a little longer.

Investing in P2P loans on Esketit

On Esketit you can invest in P2P loans either manually or via Auto Invest. In the menu item "Portfolio" you can view your transactions later and download them as Excel.

Invest by Auto Invest

Esketit - Auto Invest

With the Auto Invest function you can easily invest automatically. After selecting "Auto Invest" in the menu, you can immediately create a new Auto Invest portfolio. You only need to make a few selections, among others:

  • Maximum portfolio size

  • Amount per loan

  • Minimum and maximum interest rate

  • Term

  • Countries

  • Loan types

  • Loan originators

At the end you can choose whether you want to set the strategy "live" or save it for later. This way you can create different strategies with different risk profiles.

Manual investing

On Esketit you can also invest manually. You can find single loans on the primary and secondary market under the menu item "Market". You can use various filters to search for loans that suit you.

We mention this option only to give a complete overview. Investing manually is much more time-consuming, as you would have to re-select many loans on a regular basis to diversify your risks properly. Therefore, this is not recommended.

Secondary market on Esketit

Esketit offers you a secondary market where you can sell and buy loans. It is a standalone marketplace where loans can be offered or purchased at a discount or premium.

What returns can investors expect on Esketit?

On Esketit you can currently expect an average return of 12% p.a. (May 2021).

What costs and fees does Esketit charge investors?

As an investor, Esketit is completely free of charge.

Can you automatically invest in P2P loans on Esketit?

Yes, on Esketit you can invest automatically with the Auto Invest feature. Here you can easily create multiple portfolios with different criteria.

Can you select individual loans on Esketit?

Yes, when investing manually you can filter all available loans and view them in detail. For this purpose, the primary and secondary markets are open to you.

Risks of investing on Esketit

Investing in loans on Esketit is associated with risks. The platform offers short-term consumer loans, installment loans and business loans.

In addition, there is the possibility that the platform or the loan originators go bankrupt. The counterparty risk that a loan originator can go bust is described in our P2P Guide.

How reputable is Esketit?

Esketit is a comparably young platform. Typically, we only rate new platforms as reputable after they have been on the market for at least 3 years. 3 years is a good benchmark from which platform risk has been largely minimized.

In the case of Esketit, on the other hand, it is a bit different. The loan originators on Esketit are part of the Creamfinance Group, which in turn is owned by the owners of Esketit. Creamfinance Group is also not an unknown name in the P2P business, having brokered more than €700 million in loans on the P2P platform Mintos.

Even though the platform is still very young, it benefits from the collaboration with Creamfinance Group.

We believe that Esketit and potential investors would benefit greatly from regulation by the Irish Financial Markets Authority, as it will sustain investor confidence in the platform.

Are  detailed statistics about the loans on Esketit available?

Yes, Esketit publishes information about the P2P loans brokered on the platform on a statistics page.

Does the Esketit platform publish its annual report?

The P2P platform Esketit does not publish its annual report, nor does Creamfinance Group, to which Esketit belongs, publish its annual report.

But, Creamfinance Group publishes some financial figures and also a presentation about itself on its website.

How does the buyback obligation (buyback guarantee) work on Esketit?

Most P2P loans on Esketit are backed by buyback obligations. On the platform, P2P loans are repurchased by the loan originators after 60 days if the borrowers have not fulfilled their obligations. As an investor, you get back your invested capital plus interest.

In the case of buyback obligations (or buyback guarantees as they are sometimes called), we always point out that the value of a guarantee depends on the guarantor. If, for example, the Creamfinance Group or other loan originator should have financial difficulties or go bankrupt in the future, the obligations would not be worth much either.

Therefore, you should not blindly rely on the buyback obligations, even if they have a great benefit for you.

What are the default rates on Esketit?

Esketit does not publish default rates on P2P loans. On comparable platforms, such as Twino, default rates average around 5%.

Are the loans on Esketit protected by the deposit insurance?

No, the loans on Esketit are not protected by deposit insurance such as the FDIC insurance. As with the other platforms, investors bear the loan default risk entirely.

Paying taxes on income from P2P loans on Esketit

As a fairly new platform, you are not offered a tax certificate. However, you can create an account statement to prepare your tax return.

Tax report

To do this, click on "Statement" in the menu and set the required period.

Result of our Esketit Review

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Esketit is admittedly still a very young P2P platform that needs to prove itself over the next 3 years. But, the Esketit P2P platform benefits from its affiliation with the Creamfinance Group, which many experienced investors will already know from Mintos. With an average return of 12% to 13%, Esketit positions itself in the upper midfield in direct comparison with other P2P platforms.

Esketit is not regulated by an official financial market regulator, which is often not the case with P2P platforms, especially at the beginning. What speaks in any case for the seriousness of Esketit is the affiliation with the Creamfinance Group and that the platform reports transparently about the offered loans. The reporting on the brokered loans could still be a bit more detailed, but is a good start for the beginning.

What we like about Esketit is that, although the platform is young, there is a wide range of P2P loans available to investors. In this regard, Esketit clearly benefits from the Creamfinance Group. We also positively evaluate that investors can efficiently invest in P2P loans with the Auto Invest function.

Taking all aspects into consideration, we would recommend Esketit to investors as a P2P platform. After Esketit becomes further established, the platform should aim for official regulation.

If you sign up with our exclusive promo code, you will get 1% cashback on your investments on Esketit.

You can only find out for yourself if you agree with our test, and the best way to do that is to sign up on Esketit now.

After you have tested the platform, we would be happy if you share your experience with us.

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