PeerBerry Review: Is it good? Don't invest before you read this!

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What is PeerBerry?

Infographic: how does PeerBerry work

PeerBerry is a P2P platform from Zagreb, Croatia, founded in 2017.

It was originally based in Latvia before moving to Croatia in 2021.

It brokers P2P loans between investors and loan brokers (loan originators), who have no economic connection with the platform.

Since the platform itself does not grant loans, but only offers the intermediaries, it is a P2P marketplace.

Since its inception, the platform has financed P2P loans worth approximately €1.6 billion, making it one of the largest P2P platforms in Europe.

Aventus Group

Most of the loan brokers on PeerBerry belong to the Aventus Group.

This is no coincidence, as Aventus Group is the former owner of the platform.

How does PeerBerry make money?

PeerBerry makes its money as a platform through the commissions charged by the loan brokers.

Other than that, the platform has no other revenue streams as it does not charge investors.

Who owns PeerBerry?

The platform is owned 50% by Andrejus Trofimovas, 25% by Vytautas Olšauskas and 25% by Ivan Butov.

By the way, Andrejus Trofimovas is the CEO of Aventus Group.

PeerBerry is not supervised by any official financial market regulator, which usually dispels any doubts about its safety.

Nevertheless, we would rate the platform as safe.

After all, a financed loan volume of around €1.6 billion already speaks for PeerBerry being a secure platform that pursues a legal business model.

And last but not least, the close ties with the Aventus Group are another good argument that the platform is safe.

How does PeerBerry work?

In order to invest on PeerBerry, you first need to register as an investor and deposit money into your account via a bank transfer.

In addition, when you make your first bank deposit, you also confirm the bank account to which you will be able to withdraw money in the future.

When investing you only have to consider a minimum investment amount of 10 €. It is up to you whether you want to invest manually or automatically via Auto Invest.

On PeerBerry you can only invest on the primary market (initial issuance of loans), because unfortunately there is no secondary market (loans from other investors) offered.

How can I invest on PeerBerry?

If it\'s worth the effort, you can choose each loan you want to invest in individually on PeerBerry.

This makes sense, among other things, if you are just starting to invest and do not want to wait for Auto Invest to invest for you.

In all other cases it would make more sense to invest automatically, because otherwise you would have to select hundreds of loans again regularly.

With the Auto Invest feature you can define in which loans you want to invest automatically.

The following settings are possible:

  • Credit intermediary (which loans),

  • interest rate,

  • term and

  • Investment per loan.

The Auto Invest is kept very slim and largely self-explanatory.

Within a few minutes you can set it up according to your preferences.

What warning signs should I be aware of with PeerBerry?

At the moment, we have not noticed any warning signals on the platform that investors should pay attention to.