Reza Machdi-Ghazvini, CAIA

Reza Machdi-Ghazvini (just Reza, please)

At this point, I could certainly tell you that I bought my first stock when I was 11 and delivered newspapers every weekend. In the summer, I bought ice cream at the kiosk upstairs and sold it a little more expensively to the people down by the lake.


The truth is that at 11 I didn't know anything about finance (and stocks) and I preferred to play computers on the weekends.

And the other truth is also that I didn't have a single lesson that revolved around the topic of "money" during my entire school years, but instead we had the French Revolution at least three times.


So, after going into professional life, I had no idea how much money to save, let alone how to invest it.

Then, as part of my finance degree with a focus on banking, that changed. I started actively managing my money, looking at stocks and real estate. Professionally, this was followed by positions at the best-known international banks.

However, the topic of investment interested me more and more. So, I changed from banking to asset management, and now I work in the private markets business.

For many people, money is merely a means of payment.

But from another perspective, you can think of money as your team. Every Euro will work for you. Provided that you do not give it away again easily.

On Enqome, I bring my knowledge that I have gathered over the last 15 years to guide you on this path.