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EstateGuru Review (10/2022)



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We have tested the P2P platform EstateGuru.

If you want to know:

  • whether it is worthwhile to sign up as an investor on EstateGuru,

  • what experiences investors have had with the platform,

  • whether the platform is serious,

  • how you can invest in real estate loans on EstateGuru,

then you will find all the information you are looking for in this test.

Let's get started.

Table of contents

P2P Platform Estateguru review

Introducing EstateGuru as a P2P platform

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The platform EstateGuru (EstateGuru OÜ) exists since 2014 and was founded by Marek Pärtel in Estonia. As of today, the platform is not supervised by the Estonian Financial Market Authority (FCA). However, it has an official license in countries where that is required, for example Germany.

EstateGuru OÜ at a glance

  • More than 60,000 registered investors

  • Approx. 300 million euros in loans granted

  • Average expected return of 12% p.a.

  • Lending mainly in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland, as well as opportunistically in Germany, Sweden, Spain and Portugal

  • Auto Invest feature allows investors to invest fully automatically

  • You can invest in loans from an amount of 50 euros

  • A secondary market is available

  • A tax certificate is offered

Who can invest on EstateGuru?

As a private investor, you must be at least 18 years old and have a bank account in a member state of the European Economic Area or Switzerland to invest on EstateGuru. In addition, the platform performs a money laundering protection check.

Companies can also invest on EstateGuru. To do this, you must first register with your name and select at the end of the registration that it is a company account. The full name of your company, the correct company registry code and a valid government identification document are required.

How P2P loans are offered on EstateGuru

Infographic for P2P Platform Estateguru

The EstateGuru platform brokers the loans directly on the platform and offers them then to investors.

Example of offered loans

Estateguru example for property loans

At EstateGuru, users invest exclusively in real estate projects. Loans are granted in the Baltic States and occasionally in other European countries, such as Germany.

Loan-To-Value (LTV) ratio on EstateGuru

EstateGuru evaluates the creditworthiness of each project through the Loan-To-Value ratio. This is not a peculiarity of the platform, but a typical ratio in the real estate business.

In general, it can be said that the lower the Loan-To-Value ratio, the lower the risk.

Because this is so important, let's illustrate this with an example: a real estate loan of €300,000 with a property value of €400,000 results in an LTV ratio of 75%. With a loan of 200,000 the LTV drops to 50% and with a loan of €400,000 it rises to a value of 100%.

The LTV ratio is such an important figure in the real estate industry because investors quickly determine how high the "buffer" is, should something go wrong and a foreclosure occur.

Since real estate is an illiquid investment and no daily price can be determined, you cannot assume that an LTV of 100% will fully protect you in case of a loan default.

Collateralization of loans on EstateGuru

All loans on EstateGuru are secured.

Some loans are secured on a first priority basis and other loans are secured on a second priority basis.

First priority loans are safer than second priority loans because the lenders of first priority loans get paid first if there is a default. Secondary borrowers then only get something if there is anything left over.

Different types of loans on EstateGuru

EstateGuru offers three different loan types:

  • Development loan

  • Bridging loan

  • Business loan

Generally, development loans are riskier because the valuation of the underlying property values can fluctuate greatly and has not yet been determined. A newly built or restructured property has yet to prove that it can generate the returns that are expected.

You should not underestimate this risk. It can sometimes come to very nasty surprises.

Experiences of investors with EstateGuru 

EstateGuru is the largest European P2P platform for real estate loans (in terms of loan volume) and has been on the market since 2014. Among other things, the platform was able to become the market leader for P2P real estate loans because it does a lot right.

There are very detailed reports on the individual real estate projects. There is extensive information on the LTV ratio, collateral and type of real estate loan.

There have been no known problems with the platform since 2014. There are no negative press reports and investors have had no negative experiences with the platform to date. Major defaults did not occur either.

How did EstateGuru perform during the Corona crisis?

Estateguru during corona crisis

The EstateGuru platform has performed well to very well during the financial crisis.

Although the volume of loans decreased at the beginning of the Corona crisis (March 2020), there were no significant defaults on the platform.

However, we would like to restrictively mention that the real estate sector was one of the big winners of the Corona crisis. Contrary to what many expected, the Corona crisis actually increased the demand for real estate worldwide once again.

How crisis-proof the platform is in the end, can only be proved in a real estate crisis, as we have experienced, for example, with the American subprime crisis in 2008/2009.

Advantages and disadvantages of EstateGuru


  • On EstateGuru, you can invest in P2P loans easily. Either you invest automatically or select the projects manually.

  • For investors, the platform is almost free. The platform charges its investors a service fee of €1 for withdrawals. For inactive accounts, you have to pay €2.5 per month.

  • You can get your money quickly through the secondary market if you need it in the short term.


  • At times, only a few projects are offered.

  • Should the platform declare insolvency, it can lead to the total loss of your investments.

Register as an investor at EstateGuru

The registration as an investor on EstateGuru is completely digitalized. You can register quickly and easily.

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1. Register as a user on EstateGuru

Register on Estateguru

Registering as a user on EstateGuru starts by visiting the website and clicking on the "CREATE ACCOUNT" button in the top right menu.

After that, you click on "Investor". In the next step, you enter your e-mail address and password and click on the button "REGISTER".

2. Activate your e-mail address

verify email address on EstateGuru

EstateGuru sends you an email with which you can verify your email address.

Click on the link "here" to verify your email address.

3. Verify your bank account and yourself

In the next step, you can register as a private person or as a company.

Verify on EstateGuru

After you have made your choice, you have to fill in some personal information.

It is important that you enter your cell phone number correctly because EstateGuru will send you a text message with which you also have to verify your cell phone number.

After that, you have to prove your identity in person, for this you only need your identification documents. The whole process is done digitally on your computer or smartphone, just follow the instructions.

After that, you only need to verify your bank account. The verification is done with the first transfer to your account at EstateGuru.

Deposits and withdrawals on EstateGuru

Payments on EstateGuru are made centrally via an account to which you have to transfer money.

Through the purpose of the transfer, EstateGuru can clearly allocate the funds to the investors.

Deposit money

If you want to deposit money, log in and click on deposit / withdrawal in the menu on the left.

When you transfer money, you must specify the purpose of the transfer, which EstateGuru will show you under "Details". Only then the money can be assigned to your account.

Estateguru deposit money

If you enter wrong information, EstateGuru cannot assign the money directly to your account. Then it comes to annoying delays.

The deposit can take 1-3 days. If the money is still not on your account on the 4th day, contact the support.

Withdraw money

EstateGuru - withdraw money

You can easily withdraw your money from EstateGuru.

You click on "Withdraw" in the menu on the left, select "Withdraw" in the main screen and enter your desired amount. For security reasons, your password is required.

After you click on withdraw, your money should be in your account in 1-3 days.

Invest in P2P loans on EstateGuru

On EstateGuru, it is up to you whether you want to invest manually or automatically.

Unlike other platforms, EstateGuru does not offer you several preset automatic investment features.

Auto Invest

Estateguru Auto Invest

The automatic investment function Auto Invest is proposed to you with a few parameters that you can either simply accept or adjust.

On EstateGuru, you must invest at least €50 per loan. Otherwise, it is up to you which setting you want to use, for example, for the term and the LTV ratio.

You can also make advanced settings in Auto Invest, for example, you can exclude countries or invest only in senior loans.

Remember that the more you narrow down the settings, the smaller the number of loans you will be eligible for. As a result, the Auto Invest function may not invest at all or investing very slowly.

Invest manually

On EstateGuru, you can select every single loan.

However, we would advise you not to do this, as you should spread your investments in P2P loans as much as possible.

If you invest for example €1.000 on EstateGuru, you will have to select and evaluate 20 loans individually. Over time, this would take a lot of time.

Secondary market on EstateGuru

On EstateGuru, you can sell your investments quickly on the secondary market. In the same way, you can also possibly make some bargains.

What return can investors expect on EstateGuru?

On EstateGuru, you can expect an average return of 12% per year.

What costs and fees does EstateGuru charge investors?

There are virtually no fees charged to investors.

Only for withdrawals EstateGuru charges a fee of €1. Inactive accounts are charged €2.5 per month.

Can I automatically invest in P2P loans on EstateGuru?

Yes, EstateGuru offers you an Auto Invest feature that allows you to invest fully automated.

Can I select individual loans on EstateGuru?

Yes, you can choose any individual project you want to invest in.

Risk of investing on EstateGuru

Investing on EstateGuru is associated with risks. It arranges loans for real estate financing, which may default.

You can limit the default risk of loans on EstateGuru by investing in senior loans with low LTV ratio.

How reputable is EstateGuru?

EstateGuru has established itself as the largest real estate platform on the market and was hardly hit by the Corona crisis.

The EstateGuru platform can be classified as reputable.

There is no supervision by the Estonian Financial Market Authority. However, the platform has a license in some countries where it operates. We think that the platform and investors would benefit from regulation by the Estonian Financial Market Authority.

In Germany, for example, the platform works with Bank Varengold to meet regulatory requirements.

Does EstateGuru provide detailed statistics on the loans?

Yes, EstateGuru offers investors a detailed statistics page that allows you to get information about the loans offered.

Is EstateGuru's annual report publicly available for investors?

Yes, EstateGuru's annual report can be viewed publicly on the website.

What are the default rates on EstateGuru?

EstateGuru does not publish default rates. Comparable platforms have default rates that range from 5% to 10%.

Is a buyback guarantee offered on EstateGuru?

Loans on EstateGuru are offered without a buyback guarantee. However, individual loans are secured by real estate or land.

Are the loans on EstateGuru protected by the deposit insurance?

No, the loans on EstateGuru are not protected by the deposit insurance such as the FDIC insurance.

Paying taxes on income earned by P2P lending on EstateGuru

EstateGuru makes it easy for you as an investor to prepare your tax return.

Prepare your tax return on EstateGuru

prepare tax report on EstateGuru

You click on the link "Account balance overview" in the menu on the left. After that, you only have to enter the start date and end date in the "Reports" window. Then click on the button "DOWNLOAD PDF" to download the tax report, which contains all the information you need for your tax return.

Result of our EstateGuru Review

EstateGuru has been able to establish itself as a successful P2P platform in the market for several reasons. Among the platforms that offer real estate loans, EstateGuru is the largest platform in Europe. Investors can achieve attractive returns of 12% p.a. on EstateGuru.

Although EstateGuru is not officially regulated, at least the individual projects are regulated in the target countries.  EstateGuru reports in detail about the loans on the statistics page and the annual report is publicly viewable, which is also speaking for the seriousness of the platform.

With the Auto Invest function, investors can invest in the P2P loans on the platform in a fully automated way. At times, there are only a few loans available, which is why the auto invest feature is especially useful to avoid missing out on loans.

Taking all points into consideration, we would recommend EstateGuru without any restrictions to investors to invest in real estate loans.

If you want to try the platform, register with our exclusive referral code to get 0.5% cashback on your investments within the first 3 months.

After you have made your first experience with EstateGuru, we would be happy if you share your impressions of the platform with us.

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Last updated on 30 September 2022