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iuvo Group Review: Is it good? Don't invest before you read this! (11/2022)



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  • Automatic investment function

  • Buyback guarantee

  • Secondary market

  • Regulated

  • Experienced platform

  • Invest free of charge


  • Comparatively low Ø interest rates

  • Currently 1 warning signal

  • No app

How good is iuvo?

If that's what you want to know, then keep reading.

We took a close look at the platform and tell you whether it's worth it.

In this test, we show you:

What is iuvo?

Infographic: how does iuvo group work

iuvo is a P2P platform from Tallinn, Estonia, founded in 2016.

It is majority owned by Management Financial Group (MFG) from Bulgaria.

On iuvo, you can invest in the loans of loan originators, of which a large number belong to the Management Financial Group.

Since the platform itself does not grant loans, it is also called a P2P marketplace.

Since its inception, the platform has funded more than €300 million worth of loans, making it one of the mid-sized P2P platforms in Europe.

How does iuvo work?

If you want to invest on iuvo, you first need to register and then deposit money into your account via a bank transfer.

By the way, with a first transfer to your account, you also confirm the bank account to which you can withdraw money in the future.

The only condition for new investments is a minimum investment amount of €10 and you can invest either manually or automatically.

You can invest both on the primary market (initial loans) and on the secondary market (loans from other investors).


In the following, we would like to present the most important features of the platform.


iuvo is officially regulated by the Estonian Financial Market Authority, but not according to the regulations of the European Directive 97/9/EC.

This means that despite being regulated, it does not provide investor protection up to €20,000.


The average interest rate on loans is 9.20% and loans are offered with interest rates ranging from 5% to 15%.

In comparison, the average interest rates are far below average, and several platforms offer higher interest rates at once.

These include viainvest with 13%, Mintos with 12% and Twino with 10%.

On iuvo, 10 credit intermediaries currently offer their loans, most of them belong to the Management Financial Group (MFG).

The following types of loans are offered for you to invest in:

  • Payday Loans,

  • Consumer Loans,

  • business loans,

  • real estate loans and

  • Other.

Payday loans and consumer loans have the largest share in the offer.

The loans come from 5 countries, but mainly from Bulgaria and Romania.

Which is no surprise, as Management Financial Group has a large market penetration, especially in Bulgaria, but also in Romania.

Maturities range from 1 to 60 months, but about half of all loans have a maturity of 3 months or less.

To assess the risk of each loan, the platform assigns risk classes (ratings) from HR to A (low risk).

Manual investing

On iuvo, you can select each loan you want to invest in individually.

This can make sense if you are new to the platform and want to invest your investment amount quickly.

In this context, you can also use the secondary market, if not enough loans on the primary market meet your requirements.

Auto Invest

The platform allows you to invest automatically with the Auto Invest feature.

You only need to specify once which loans you want to invest in, and then the rest is fully automatic.

No other Auto Invest we know of can be set as precisely as the one on iuvo.

Which is a nice option on the one hand, but is also a bit confusing in our opinion.

Among the settings, however, the most important ones in our experience are offered:

  • Investment per credit,

  • risk assessment (risk classes),

  • loan types,

  • interest rate,

  • country,

  • credit intermediary and

  • remaining term.

With the large range of functions, we would also have expected that Auto Invest could also be used to automatically invest in the loans on the secondary market.

Unfortunately, this is not possible.


In addition to manual and automatic investing, you can also invest via iuvoSave.

This is an investment program that invests for you fully automatically and promises you a quick availability of your money.

If you have already invested in Bondora Go & Grow, the program will look very familiar to you.

With iuvoSave, three options are offered:

  • 5% with a term of 3 months,

  • 6% with a term of 6 months and

  • 7% with a term of 12 months.

With the program, you have the possibility to withdraw your money at any time, but only up to an amount of €10,000 per month and for a fee of 1%.

To what extent this program really has a great added value for investors, we think is questionable.

Most loans on iuvo have short terms of up to 30 days and offer much higher interest rates, which already makes the promised interest rates on iuvoSave not look very attractive.

Furthermore, we think that if you can't wait at least 30 to 60 days for your money, it's best not to invest in P2P loans at all.

And then there is also the secondary market where you can sell your loans if you really need to get your money very urgently.

Buyback Guarantee

Loans with a Buyback Guarantee are bought back in case of delays at the latest after 3, 16, 30 or 60 days.

However, the vast majority are bought back after 60 or 30 days at the earliest. Only a few loans are bought back earlier.

And you have to keep in mind with iuvo that you only get your original investment amount as compensation and not the lost interest as with other platforms.

Secondary market

On the secondary market, you can get out of your loans earlier or buy other people's loans.

The secondary market differs from the primary market mainly in that it shows you the discounts or premiums for the loans.

It is arranged clearly and easy to use. You can invest in a loan with just one click.

It is a pity that it is not possible to invest automatically in the secondary market.

Tax report

On iuvo, you can easily create the documents for your tax return.

A tax report is offered for the individual years, which you can download.


Unfortunately, the platform does not offer an app to manage investments.

At this point, we don't expect anything to change in the future.

How much does investing on iuvo cost?

For investors, iuvo is almost universally free of charge.

Only for sales on the secondary market, a fee of 1% of the amount is charged.

For all other transactions and also for deposits and withdrawals, no fees are charged.

Warning signals (red flags)

Currently, we see a warning signal at iuvo.

#1 Loans from Russia

On iuvo, loans from Russia were brokered, mainly by the Russian loan broker Kviku.

As of the current status, payments from loans have been suspended to find a solution. This is because due to the sanctions against Russia, payments from Russia cannot be received.

However, we would not actually expect any major negative consequences for the platform from this, and list this warning signal for completeness.

iuvo Bonus

You can get a cashback of 1% on your investments after your registration.

For the calculation of the cashback, your investments during the first 60 days after your registration will be considered.

However, we cannot invite you via a bonus link because it simply does not exist.

But you can send us a message, and we will invite you to the program.

Frequently asked questions

In the following, we will answer some questions that are often asked about iuvo.

As mentioned above, iuvo is officially supervised by the Estonian Financial Market Authority.

Furthermore, the platform has been able to finance loans worth more than €300 million.

For these two reasons mentioned above, there is no doubt in our mind about the safety of the platform or the legality of the business model.

How does iuvo earn money?

iuvo makes its money from commissions charged by loan brokers.

Currently, this is the only way to earn money, as almost no fees are charged to investors.

Who owns iuvo?

The platform is majority owned by Management Financial Group (MFG) with more than 90%.

The remaining shares are presumably distributed among the people who were involved in the founding of the platform. However, this is not known exactly.

Expert conclusion

iuvo as a safe P2P platform with an official regulation and a financed loan volume of more than €300 million.

In our opinion, the interest rates are just within an attractive range and investors can use the platform free of charge, except sales on the secondary market.

Registering and depositing money is straightforward, and the handy Auto Invest feature makes it easy to specify which loans to invest in. A primary and secondary market is available for investments.

Overall, we did not notice any major weaknesses in the platform, only with the interest rates we would have expected more.

Overall, we consider the platform recommendable.

Invest now on iuvo

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Last updated on 16 October 2022