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iuvo Group Review (10/2022)



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Test result

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iuvo Group

Interest and costs


Flexibility and conditions




Support and service



  • Average returns of 9.2% p.a.

  • Superversion

  • Large offer of loans, the focus is on consumer loans from Bulgaria.

  • Buyback Guarantee

  • Free of charge for investors


  • No disadvantages

We have tested the P2P platform iuvo.

If you want to know:

  • whether it is worthwhile to invest in P2P loans via iuvo,

  • which loans are offered on iuvo,

  • what experiences investors have had with iuvo,

  • how you use the Auto Invest function on iuvo,

then you will find all the information you are looking for in this test.

Let's get started.

Table of contents

P2P Platform iuvo review

Introducing iuvo Group as P2P platform

IUVO P2P InvestierenAdvertising

iuvo Group (IUVO Group OŰ) was founded in Estonia in 2016. The platform is supervised by the Estonian Financial Market Authority.

IUVO Group OŰ at a glance

  • Approx. 160 million euros in loans mediated

  • More than 23,000 registered investors

  • Loans from Bulgaria, Spain, Georgia, Latvia, Poland, Romania and Russia

  • Investors can invest automatically via Auto Invest or manually

  • The average expected return is about 9.2% p.a.

  • Invest from 10 euros per loan

  • All loans are offered with a buyback guarantee

  • A secondary market is available to investors

  • A tax certificate is not issued by the platform, but can be quickly generated manually

Who can invest on iuvo?

Individuals who are 18 years old and have a valid bank account in the EU (or third countries that comply with AML/CFT) can invest on iuvo.

In order for companies to invest on the platform, they must also have an account in the EU and provide the following documents: Identity card or passport of all shareholders, extract from the commercial register to authenticate the current status, articles of association or copy (contract) and information about the beneficial owners (UBO).

How P2P loans are offered on iuvo

Infographic for the P2P Platform IUVO

Only loans from loan originators are offered on the platform. The loan originator grant loans in their target markets, which are then offered to you via the platform.

Each loan originator pursues its own business model. The loan originator can differ greatly in terms of quality.

Example: obtaining a loan by a loan originator

Example: loan origination by iCredit

You can see how the loan brokerage works at the Romanian loan originator iCredit.

The loans are first granted by iCredit and then passed on to investors via the iuvo platform.

We can't say in general how the loan originators refinance themselves in detail. Among other things, bonds are issued or bridge financing is used.

Ratings on iuvo

iuvo divides the loans into 6 ratings (risk classes) A to HR. "A" stands for the best rating and lowest credit default risk.

Collateralization of loans on iuvo

Most of the loans on iuvo are consumer loans, which are granted unsecured.

Home loans (mortgage loans) and car loans are also granted on the platform, where the house or the car is used as collateral.

Experiences of investors with iuvo

iuvo has grown rapidly in recent years. The focus on the countries Bulgaria and Romania was the right decision.

Investors were able to achieve higher returns with iuvo than with comparable platforms. The platform attaches great importance to transparency and security. Business developments are regularly reported on the blog, and the platform is monitored by the Estonian Financial Market Authority.

Many investors have had good to very good experiences with iuvo, which is also reflected in the number of investors on the platform.

Loan originators broker the loans

Similar to Mintos, loans on iuvo are offered by loan originators.

This allows iuvo to offer investors a wide range of different loans that vary by country, term, risk and return.

How did iuvo perform during the Corona crisis?

Iuvo Group during the corona crisis

The iuvo Group has been almost unaffected by the Corona crisis. The interest paid to investors decreased minimally at the beginning of the Corona crisis in March 2020.

There were no major defaults on loans or bankruptcies of loan originators.

This was a very surprising development. Since iuvo pays significantly higher interest rates in direct comparison with other platforms, it would not have been wrong to assume that this also leads to higher risks.

After its foundation, iuvo mainly offered short-term consumer loans from Bulgaria and Romania. Even as of today (January 2021), 50% of the loans offered on iuvo have a maturity of less than 6 months.

In the case of short-term loans, the loan amounts are often small compared to the income of the borrowers. This means that loan payments are low and borrowers can often service their loans despite difficulties.

Similar behavior to iuvo was shown by P2P platforms Twino and Viainvest, which also focus on short-dated loans.

Advantages and disadvantages of iuvo


  • iuvo offers you average returns of 15% per year, noticeably higher than comparable platforms.

  • You can invest on iuvo automatically via Auto Invest or manually.

  • You can choose in which loans you want to invest.

  • The loans on iuvo are secured by a buyback guarantee.

  • The platform is free of charge for investors. Only for purchases and sales on the secondary market a fee of 1% of the loan volume is charged.


  • Loans on iuvo are brokered by loan originators. If a loan originator goes bankrupt, all brokered loans from that loan originator may default (total default).

  • A buyback guarantee may suggest a non-existent security. Ultimately, the creditworthiness of the loan provider determines whether the guarantee applies in an emergency. 

  • If the iuvo group goes bankrupt, you risk the total loss of your investments.

Register as an investor with iuvo

As an investor, you can easily register online on the platform. The entire registration process is digital.

iuvo Bonus

Secure a bonus from iuvo with the bonus program when you register. Find out more here.

1. Register as a user on iuvo

On the website, click on the button "Register" in the upper-right corner and then on "Individual" or "Company".

register as user on iuvo

Enter your first name, last name, country and phone number. Your phone number must be correct, as it will be required for the registration process.

Iuvo registration step 3

Then create your profile by entering your e-mail address and password and accepting the term and conditions.

2. Activate your e-mail address

activate your email

iuvo will send you an e-mail with which you have to verify your e-mail address. Press the button "E-MAIL VERIFICATION" to finalize the process.

3. Verify your bank account and yourself

In the last step, you only have to verify yourself and your bank account.

After you have confirmed your email address, iuvo will redirect you to a page where you can legitimize yourself. For this, you need your identification documents.  The whole process is digitalized.

You will identify your bank account by making your first deposit to your iuvo account.

Deposits and withdrawals on iuvo

You can easily deposit and withdraw money on iuvo.

You can choose between three (and more) methods. All transfers are assigned to users via a central iuvo account.

Deposit money

deposit money at iuvo

If you want to deposit money, click on "Deposit" in the menu. Then click on "Bank transfer". Here you should select your currency, we assume Euro. Then you can choose between two central accounts.

When making a deposit, it is important that you enter the "Payment Details" as indicated when you place the transfer. If you enter incorrect payment details, iuvo will not be able to clearly allocate the money to your account.

The deposit can take 1 to 3 days. Typically, the money is already after 1 day on the account. If the money has not been credited to your account on the 4th day, contact the support.

Withdraw money

If you want to withdraw money, click on "Withdraw" in the menu on the left. Then select your withdrawal account and the desired amount.

Investing in P2P loans on iuvo

On iuvo, you can easily invest in P2P loans. You have the choice between an automatic or manual investment strategy.

We would always advise you to invest automatically. You need to spread your P2P loans as broadly as possible. The best way to achieve this goal is to invest automatically.

Auto Invest

iuvo offers you an automatic investment function. You can find it in the menu under "Auto Invest".

Auto invest on IUVO

With Auto Invest on iuvo, you can choose various settings, among others:

  • Investment amount

  • Interest rate

  • Loan originator

  • Minimum and maximum return

  • Ratings (risk assessments)

If you are safety oriented, you should choose short maturities with good ratings. You should spread your investments in P2P loans over as many loan originators and countries as possible. When it comes to countries, European Union countries offer more security than developing countries.

The same is basically true in reverse, for investors looking for more returns. Longer maturities with lower ratings may suggest higher returns.

In no case, however, should you invest exclusively in loans with the longest maturities with the worst ratings.

We have explained the right settings for conservative and risk-averse investors in detail in our article iuvo Create an Auto Invest Portfolio on iuvo and set it up correctly.

Secondary market on iuvo

iuvo offers you a secondary market, with which you can get your money back relatively quickly.

With the secondary market, you will likely have to accept a price reduction for loans in default. Loans without delays can typically be sold at a premium.

What returns can investors expect on iuvo?

iuvo openly advertises an expected average return of 9.2% per year.

What costs and fees does iuvo charge investors?

Investing on the platform is free of charge for you. Only for trades on the secondary market, iuvo charges you a fee of 1% of the traded loan volume.

Can you automatically invest in P2P loans on iuvo?

Yes, iuvo provides you with an automatic investment function called Auto Invest, which is easy to use.

Can you select individual loans on iuvo?

Yes, this is possible, but not recommended in our point of view. Since you should spread your loans as broadly as possible to reduce your risks, you would have to select hundreds of individual loans on a regular basis.

Risks of investing on iuvo

Investing in P2P loans is associated with risks. P2P loans are real loans that are subject to default risk. You can reduce the risk of default by investing in loans with higher ratings (credit scores).

How reputable is iuvo?

iuvo can be classified as a reputable platform. The platform is regulated by the Estonian Financial Market Authority and has been on the market for several years.

If there were unexpected events on the platform in the past, iuvo reacted quickly. The platform regularly reports transparently on its blog about the latest developments.

Does iuvo provide information about the offered loans on a statistics page?

Yes, the platform provides detailed information on the brokered loans on its website.

Is iuvo's annual report available publicly?

Yes, the platform's annual report is available to the public on the website.

What are the default rates on iuvo?

The platform does not publish realized default rates. However, you can assume that default rates average between 5% and 10% and increase with bad ratings, as it is the case on other platforms.

How does the buyback guarantee on iuvo work?

All loans on iuvo are offered with buyback guarantees. If a borrower fails to make his payments, the loan originator will pay you back the invested capital.

There are various buyback guarantees, which differ from loan originator to loan originator. You can check the terms and conditions on the respective provider's website.

The most common difference is the term. Most are offered with a 60-day buyback guarantee, but there are also 30-day and 16-day buyback guarantees, some of which are offered for a limited time.

Of course, the buyback guarantees are only as secure as the loan originators themselves. If loan originators run into financial difficulties, it is questionable whether they can honor their guarantees.

Are the loans on iuvo protected by the deposit insurance?

No, the loans are not protected by the Estonian or any other deposit insurance, such as the FDIC insurance.

Paying taxes on income from P2P lending on iuvo

iuvo does not provide its investors with a tax certificate at the current status. The listing about the income has to be prepared manually.

Prepare tax return on iuvo

tax return on iuvo

To prepare the figures for your tax return, log in to your iuvo account. Then press "Account statement" and click on "Filter".

For the tax return, you need to list the following interest and income:

  • Interest

  • Default interest

  • Income from the secondary market

Result of our iuvo Review

In our opinion, iuvo is one of the best and underrated P2P platforms. Investors can invest in a wide range of P2P loans with an average return of 9.2% per year.

The platform meets all the criteria of a reputable platform. iuvo is officially supervised, a detailed statistics page is offered, and the annual report is also publicly available.

No other platform offers an Auto Invest feature that offers so many settings to its investors. The platform has a large offer of loans, and opportunistic investors can achieve much higher returns than 9.2% p.a. if they are willing to take higher risks.

We can recommend iuvo to investors as a P2P platform. In our P2P loans comparison, iuvo ranks 2nd together with Twino, Fellow Finance and PeerBerry.

Do you agree with our test result about iuvo?

Registration takes no more than 5 minutes and after that, you can already create an Auto Invest portfolio on iuvo.

If you have not yet registered as an investor on iuvo, it is best to find out for yourself and register as an investor on iuvo now.

After you have tested the platform yourself, we would be happy if you share your experiences with us.

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