Peer to Peer Lending: Platform Reviews

Last updated on 25 May 2021 by Reza

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P2P lending: Platform review and comparison

There are now more than a hundred P2P platforms in Europe, which makes choosing the best P2P platforms a challenge for investors. The best P2P platforms offer attractive returns to their investors and make it as easy as possible for them to invest in P2P loans.

For selecting the best P2P platforms, three criteria are decisive: professionalism, offering and usability. We have compared the platforms based on the criteria and present them im more detail further below.

The best P2P platforms in Europe

The best P2P platforms in Europe are viainvest, Mintos, iuvo, Twino, Fellow Finance and PeerBerry.

First place

1st place

First place is shared between viainvest and Mintos.

Second place

2nd place

2nd place is shared by iuvoTwino, Fellow Finance and PeerBerry.

Third place

3rd place

3rd place is shared by Bondora and Swaper.

Overview of P2P platform comparison

Platform Professionalism Offering Usability Total score
viainvest 12 9 3 24
Mintos 10 11 3 24
iuvo Group 12 8 3 23
Twino 10 10 3 23
Fellow Finance 12 8 3 23
PeerBerry 10 10 3 23
Bondora 12 7 3 22
Swaper 7 12 3 22
Robocash 4 10 3 17
Crowdestate 7 8 3 18
EstateGuru 7 6 3 16
auxmoney 8 3 2 13
Lend 8 0 2 10
Bergfürst 0 6 2 8
Fixura 0 2 3 5

How we compared - our methodology

There are more than 100 P2P platforms in Europe, focusing on different countries and loan types.

First, we reduced the number of P2P platforms by setting minimum criteria. After that, we scored points for the criteria: Professionalism, offering and usability.

Minimum criteria

To reduce the number of P2P platforms, we set the following minimum criteria:

  • The platform has been on the market for at least 3 years.
  • Since its existence, the platform has granted at least a loan volume of 100 million euros.

In our view, only 16 platforms can currently (March 2021) meet these minimum criteria. Actually, the platform ViVentor would also be one of them, but we have excluded it from the comparison because of the current problems on ViVentor.

Points for professionalism: maximum 12 points

Criteria: professionalism and seriousness

When investing in P2P loans, investors must be able to rely on the seriousness and professionalism of a platform.


If a platform is supervised and regulated by an official financial market authority, we awarded 5 points. If a regulation (license) has been applied for, we have awarded 3 points. If there is neither regulation nor an application, 0 points were applied.

Annual report

For the fact that a platform makes its annual report easily accessible to the public, we gave 4 points, otherwise 0 points.


Statistics on brokered loans provide investors with valuable information about the platform. If a platform offers statistics about the loans on its website, 3 points were awarded for this, otherwise 0 points.

Points for offering (maximum 12 points)

Criteria: offering

For a platform to be worthwhile, there must be enough loans available per investor. The P2P loans should offer investors an attractive return and investing should be free of charge for investors.

A low minimum investment (per loan) gives investors the opportunity to spread their investments over many loans.

In addition, a secondary market can be very valuable for investors who need to get their money in the short term.

Sufficient loans available

For each platform, we divided the volume of loans brokered by the number of registered investors to determine the volume of loans brokered per investor. We then divided the numbers into quartiles (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%).

For example, if a platform belonged to the 25% of platforms with the most loans brokered per investor, we awarded 3 points. In the opposite case, we awarded 0 points

Return on investment

We proceeded with this criterion as with the previous criterion "sufficient loans available". We divided the average returns of the platforms into quartiles. The platforms that belong to the 25% of platforms that offer the highest average returns to their investors received 3 points. In the opposite case, 0 points were awarded.


If investing in the main market (primary market) is free for investors, we awarded 2 points, otherwise 0 points.

Minimum investment

We sorted the platforms according to the minimum investment amount required (per loan). Platforms that are at or below the median received 2 points, otherwise there were 0 points.

Secondary market

If platforms offer a secondary market (or alternative), we awarded 2 points, otherwise 0 points.

We also awarded 2 points to platforms that focus almost exclusively on short-dated loans (at least 75% share of all loans brokered), as a secondary market makes little sense.

Therefore, the viainvest and PeerBerry platforms received 2 points despite the lack of a secondary market.

Points for usability (maximum 3 points)

Criteria: usability

Investors like platforms that allow them to easily invest in P2P loans. Lack of functionality annoys investors, leading to frustration. However, because usability ultimately has no direct impact on investment success, we have only slightly considered it as part of the comparison

Complete digital registration and verification

If investors can register and verify completely digitally on the platform, we awarded 1 point, otherwise 0 points.

Automatic investment function (Auto Invest)

If it is possible to invest automatically on the platform, we awarded 1 point, otherwise 0 points.

Tax certificate

Taxes also play an important role in P2P lending. Platforms that offer investors a tax certificate (or tax report) have received 1 point, otherwise 0 points.

Conclusion & summary

As you can see, especially the platforms in the front field are very close to each other. This is an advantage for investors because they can invest in P2P loans on some good to excellent platforms. Based on this comparison, we have written three articles on how investors could invest €1,000, €5,000 or €10,000 in P2P loans.

We tried to compare P2P platforms as objectively and factually as possible, without making subjective assumptions.

However, we should make one final comment about EstateGuru, which is particularly popular among some investors. The platform is considered the market leader among platforms that invest in real estate loans, and yet it could only position itself in the lower ranks. This is ultimately since the other platforms focus mainly on consumer loans. If we had only compared platforms that broker real estate loans, EstateGuru would almost certainly be among the top 3 providers.