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Our PeerBerry Review (10/2022)



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Test result

4.25 of 5

Invest on PeerBerry*

Interest and costs


Flexibility and conditions




Support and service



  • Average returns of 12% p.a.

  • Buyback guarantees and Group guarantees

  • Wide range of different P2P loans

  • Free of charge for investors


  • No regulation

We have tested the P2P platform PeerBerry.

If you want to know:

  • whether it's worth signing up as an investor on PeerBerry,

  • how PeerBerry offers loans,

  • what experiences investors have had with the platform,

  • how you can invest in real estate loans on PeerBerry,

then you will find all the information you are looking for in this test.

Let's get started.

Table of contents

PeerBerry p2p platform review

Introducing PeerBerry as a P2P platform

PeerBerry (AV Marketplace, SIA) was founded in 2017 by Aventus Group, a loan originator on Mintos, and sold to two private investors in 2018. Therefore, some similarity to Mintos cannot be denied. PeerBerry is not supervised by the Latvian Financial Market Authority at this stage, but it has applied for a license as an investment brokerage firm with the Latvian Financial Market Authority FCMC.

PeerBerry (AV Marketplace, SIA) at a glance

  • More than 30,000 investors

  • Total loan volume: approx. EUR 370 million

  • Average yield currently approx. 12% p.a.

  • Lending in Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Sri Lanka, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Vietnam

  • All loans are offered with a buyback guarantee

  • Minimum amount per investment is 10 Euro

  • Invest manually or automatically by Auto Invest

  • Consumer loans, real estate loans, leasing and other types of loans

  • No secondary market 

  • A tax certificate is offered

Who can invest on PeerBerry?

As an individual, you must be at least 18 years old to invest on PeerBerry. The platform is open to international investors, the place of residence does not play a significant role.

To register a company as an investor, the following information must be provided: Identification document of the company representative; extract from the company register; if applicable, documents confirming the rights to represent the company, the company registration number, legal address and beneficial owner; and optionally a Certificate of Fiscal Residence (CFR) to avoid double taxation on withdrawals.

How P2P loans are offered on PeerBerry

PeerBerry P2P Platform Infographic

PeerBerry acts as an open marketplace. This means loans on PeerBerry are always offered through loan originators.

The platform works with 4 groups of companies that provide loans on the platform through their loan originators: Aventus Group, Gofingo Group, Lithome and SIBgroup. In total there are about 15 different loan originators, most of them belong to Aventus Group and Gofingo Group.

The loans granted are evenly distributed across the individual loan originators. However, the situation is different at group level. From this perspective, over 80% are arranged by the main partner Aventus Group, followed by Gofingo with over 10% and the remaining providers (as of Jan. 17, 2021, by amount).

Loans outstanding on PeeerBerryOutstanding loans on PeerBerry by Group

Loans are offered from the following countries: Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Sri Lanka, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Vietnam.

PeerBerry has agreed with its loan originators that P2P loans should account for a maximum of 45% of their lending business. The rest of their loan portfolio comes from the loan originators' own funds. PeerBerry and its partners thus aim to maintain a sustainable business model and avoid the too high levels of debt.

According to PeerBerry, the partners apply "sufficiently strict lending conditions." For example, only the lowest-risk loans are to be offered to keep the proportion of overdue loans on PeerBerry small.

Example: Obtaining a loan by a loan originator

example of loan originator on PeerBerry

To get an idea of how loan originators advertise loans, you can take a look at their individual websites (in local language). This is an example of the loan originator Smart Pozyczka, which is part of the Aventus Group and provides loans in Poland.

Experiences of investors with PeerBerry

PeerBerry has been existing since November 2017, making it the youngest platform among the top 5 in Europe (as at Feb 2021).

The platform was founded by Aventus Group, which has been in the lending business since 2009. The group provides the majority of the loans offered on the platform, 80%.

The platform has grown rapidly over the last 3 years and is becoming increasingly popular.

How did PeerBerry perform during the Corona crisis?

Outstanding portfolio on PeerBerry

Interest paid to investors on PeerBerry

During the Corona Crisis 2020, there were no shortages and (almost) no defaulted loans or outstanding payments for investors.

According to PeerBerry, none of the loan originators experienced financial or operational difficulties in 2020. All partners met their obligations to investors.

The fact that the platform came through the crisis so well can be explained by its strong partner Aventus Group, which provided continuous payment security. The group, which has been in the lending business since 2009, recorded its most profitable year in 2020 with the highest revenue in the history of the Aventus Group.

In 2020, PeerBerry's loan portfolio grew by 46% to over €30 million. And PeerBerry investors funded about €198.83 million in loans, which was 36% more than in 2019.

PeerBerry also saw strong growth in interest paid to investors in 2020 (about 73% year-over-year), paying out a total of €2.45 million interest to investors.

Advantages and disadvantages of PeerBerry


  • All loans have a buyback guarantee. The two largest partners (approximately 95% of loans by loan amount) offer an additional group guarantee.

  • The vast majority of loans offered have short terms. Many loans have terms of only 2 months or less.

  • There is a wide range of loans available.

  • Investors can invest individually and fully automatically.

  • Investors do not pay any fees.


  • There is no secondary market, but most loans have very short terms.

  • There is no rating for the loans to provide investors with an idea about the expected risk.

  • If the platform goes bust or a series of loans default, you could lose a high percentage of your money - despite the buyback guarantee.

Register as an investor with PeerBerry

Signing up for PeerBerry is quick and only takes 5 steps.

PeerBerry Referral Code

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1. Register as a user on PeerBerry

register on PeerBerry

Click on "Register" in the upper-right corner of the website. Then enter your personal data: Your first and last name, date of birth, e-mail address and a desired password.

Don't forget to enter your bonus code here under "Reference Code" to participate in the Friends Bonus Program and receive a bonus from PeerBerry.

2. Enter your address

PeerBerry create profile

In the second step, enter your address.

3. Verify your phone number

PeerBerry verfiy phone number

Here you enter your cell phone number. It should be correct because you will immediately receive an SMS with a 4-digit verification code to verify you.

4. Enter verification code

Enter the code you received via SMS on the website. Your account is opened.

Now you can browse the available loans and see how the platform works.

5. Verify your identity and account on PeerBerry

To invest in loans with your account, you still need to verify your identity. The platform is required to do this. The verification is done through the provider VERIFF and should not take more than 2-3 minutes.

You need your valid ID card or passport and a smartphone. In our case, the verification took only a few seconds and was immediately confirmed via email.

Deposits and withdrawals at PeerBerry

Deposits and withdrawals at PeerBerry happen via a central account. Deposits are assigned to different users based on the subject of each deposit.

Deposit money

PeerBerry deposit money

If you want to deposit money, select "Deposits / Withdrawals" in the menu at the top.

There you will find the account details to make a transfer to the PeerBerry account.

It is important that you enter the correct subject for the transfer. Otherwise, the transfer cannot be assigned to your account.

It can take up to two days until you see the deposit on your platform account.

Withdraw money

To withdraw your money, select "Deposits / Withdrawals" in the menu and then switch from Deposits to Withdrawals.

After that, enter the amount and select the destination account.

Invest in P2P loans on PeerBerry

On PeerBerry you can invest in P2P loans either manually or via Auto Invest.

In the menu item "Account statement" you can view your transactions and get an overview of your earnings, repayments, investments and deposits/disbursements.

Investing via Auto Invest

PeerBerry Auto Invest

With Auto Invest you can easily invest automatically.

To create a new Auto Invest portfolio, you only need to make a few selections, among others:

  • Loan Originator

  • Yields

  • Remaining term

  • Max. Investments per loan

  • Loan status

In this article we will show you how to best invest and set up an Auto Invest portfolio. We will also show you the best settings for conservative and risk-averse investors.

Manual investing

On PeerBerry you can also invest manually. With different filters, you can search for loans that are suitable for you.

We mention this option only to give a complete overview. Investing manually is much more complicated and therefore not recommended.

When investing in P2P loans, you should spread your money as much as possible. High individual loans are not recommended.

What return can investors expect on PeerBerry?

On PeerBerry you can expect an average return of about 12% per year.

What costs and fees does PeerBerry charge investors?

Investing on PeerBerry is completely free of charge for you.

Can you select individual loans on PeerBerry?

Yes, when investing manually you can filter all available loans and view them in detail.

Is there a secondary market on PeerBerry?

No. There is no secondary market. Since most of the loans have short maturities, a secondary market does not seem appropriate.

Risk of investing on PeerBerry

Investing on PeerBerry involves risk. The platform brokers consumer loans, real estate loans, leasing and business loans.

In addition, there is still the possibility that the platform or the loan originators go bankrupt. We have described this insolvency risk in the P2P lending Guide.

How reputable is PeerBerry?

PeerBerry can be rated as a reputable platform that has grown strongly since 2017.

The platform offers a buyback guarantee and the two main partners (about 95% of the loans by amount) offer an additional group guarantee.

According to the platform, there were no payment difficulties during the Corona crisis in 2020 and the platform partners met all obligations.

PeerBerry has submitted an application for an investment brokerage license to the Latvian regulator, FCMC. The platform is actively cooperating with FCMC and already provides it with regular reports and information to meet relevant requirements.

Are there any detailed statistics about the loans on PeerBerry?

The platform publishes some facts and figures about the P2P loans offered on its statistics page.

Is PeerBerry's annual report publicly available for investors?

Yes, PeerBerry's annual report can be viewed on its website.

What is the default rate on PeerBerry?

There were no loan defaults on PeerBerry due to the repurchase guarantees and the group guarantees themselves.

The loan originators had an average default rate of 7%.

How does the buyback guarantee work on PeerBerry?

All loans on PeerBerry have a buyback guarantee.

If a borrower fails to make payments for more than 60 days, the loan originator is obligated to execute the buyback of the debt.

The loan initiator then repurchases the loan in full and also pays investors accrued interest. However, if a loan originator goes bankrupt, all of that originator's loans can become worthless in one fell swoop. This would mean the total loss of your money. Unfortunately, this has already happened with other platforms in the past. For example, investors on Mintos were hit hard by the bankruptcy of the loan provider Aforti Finance.

Therefore, you should never invest on PeerBerry only in loans from one loan provider.

The platform actively tries to reduce the risk of bankruptcy of a loan provider. PeerBerry regularly evaluates lenders according to an internal procedure. The assessment includes the financial situation, the quality of the loan portfolio and the analysis of the applied internal processes.

What does the additional Group guarantee mean?

The Group guarantee takes effect if a lender encounters financial difficulties. It serves as an additional protection for investors and is offered by Aventus Group and Gofingo Group.

How does this group guarantee work in detail? Aventus Group and Gofingo Group have entered into guarantee agreements with their loan originators. In the event of insolvency of a loan originator, other companies in the group would step in.

This is intended to protect investments, transparency and the reputation of the entire group in equal measure.

Are the loans on PeerBerry protected by deposit insurance?

No, the loans on PeerBerry are not protected by the deposit insurance such as the FDIC insurance.

Paying taxes on income from P2P loans on PeerBerry

The P2P platform helps investors with the taxation of their income.

Prepare tax return on PeerBerry

tax statement PeerBerry

Under the menu item "Account statement" you can get a tax report for a selectable period of time at any time. The process is simple and flexible.

Result of our PeerBerry Review

PeerBerry is one of the fastest growing P2P platforms in Europe, offering investors access to thousands of loans with an average return of 12% per year.

Although the platform is not officially supervised yet, this will change in the near future. Even though official regulation will involve additional expenses for PeerBerry, we believe the platform will benefit from it. We expect the platform to continue to grow rapidly.

PeerBerry does a lot right as a platform, as it offers a detailed statistics page on its loans and its annual report is also publicly viewable. Both points clearly speak for the seriousness of the platform.

On PeerBerry, investors can invest in P2P loans fully automatically via the Auto Invest feature. Since most loans have rather short terms, it would be a very high effort to constantly reinvest maturing loans. Although loans with longer terms are also available, the strength of the platform is undoubtedly loans with short terms.

In summary, we consider PeerBerry to be a recommendable platform for investing in P2P loans. In our P2P ranking, PeerBerry ranks 2nd with iuvo, Twino and Fellow Finance.

You can only find out for yourself if you agree with our test result by testing the platform yourself.

If you want to register with PeerBerry, you should use our exclusive PeerBerry referral code to get up to 1% cashback on your investments.

After you've tested the platform, we'd love for you to share your experience with us.

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