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Peer to Peer Lending Basics

P2P loans can offer you an attractive investment opportunity that promises comparatively high returns. They can be a valuable addition to your balanced investment portfolio. Do you want to know which platforms are available and which risks and opportunities you can expect? You can find the answer to these questions and further P2P lending topics in our guides, articles and comparisons.

P2P LendingPeer to Peer Lending 

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P2P Lending Platforms

There are hundreds of P2P lending platform available worldwide. While some follow a similar approach, others very widely in the type of platform model, conditions and investible markets. We have reviewed many of them, looked at their business model and asses the risk and returns they offer, so you can select the ones that suit you the most.


5 things you should consider as beginner, 5 platforms you should know, 4 P2P lending business model you should know - we have looked at these and other important topics in our blog and are continuously looked at new pressing topics. Don’t miss out.



After understanding the differences between the different P2P platforms, I used most of the bonus codes to benefit from the promotional offers. Really great. Anna, 22

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I didn't know how to get started with investing in P2P loans. There are so many platforms out there, and they are all different. The guides and comparisons really helped me make the right decisions for me. Ali, 44

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With my first real job, I could finally put some money aside. The guides kept me from making a big mistake - investing everything in one platform. Now I’m well diversified. Siobhan, 24

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I wanted more independence in my life. The articles and guides helped me to invest my money properly. With my passive income streams, I am finally more independent. Tom, 32

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