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Last updated on 20 March 2021 by Reza

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viainvest promo code €15

If you register at viainvest with our exclusive viainvest Promo Code, you will get €15 credited to your viainvest account.

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There are more than 20,000 investors registered on viainvest. The platform was founded in Latvia in 2016 and has since brokered more than €300 million in loans. You can register on viainvest if you have your tax residence in the European Economic Area, which includes Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

If you plan to register on viainvest, you should not give away the starter bonus of €15. When registering you should definitely use our viainvest Promo Code when you register. You will also do us a favour, because we will receive a bonus in the same amount.

viainvest Promo Code Conditions of Participation

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If you want to get the starting bonus of €15, you have to deposit and invest at least €50 after your registration.

  • Registration at viainvest with our link
  • €15 starter bonus
  • Minimum deposit €50
  • The bonus will be paid out only once

How do I get my bonus on viainvest?

  1. You click on our promo link.
  2. After that you will be redirected to the registration page of viainvest.
  3. Register on viainvest by following the instructions.
  4. After registration, you deposit €50 and invest the amount.
  5. You will get €15 bonus credited to your account at viainvest.

Does it make sense to invest on viainvest?

On viainvest you can achieve a return between 10% - 12% p.a.

However, you cannot collect the high return without having to reckon with certain risks. We have shown you what these are in our P2P Loans Guide.

You cannot compare P2P loans with savings and call money accounts.

But if you are looking for alternatives to get any interest on your money at all, it may make sense to invest some of your savings in P2P loans.

5 important points about the P2P platform viainvest

viainvest belongs to the VIA SMS Group, which brokers loans in different countries with several subsidiaries. The subsidiaries are also referred to as loan originators. The task of viainvest within the group is to broker the loans granted to investors on the platform.

Thus, viainvest is also one of the P2P platforms that act as a marketplace. Unlike comparable platforms, however, the loan originators belong to the Group, which makes it easier to control the loan originators.

  • The focus of viainvest is on short-term consumer loans, all of which are granted with buyback guarantees.
  • Loan originators buy back delayed loans after 30 days. Investors receive both their principal back and lost interest.
  • The loan originators who broker loans on viainvest belong to the same group as viainvest. This is a great advantage for the platform and for investors, as it allows the parent company to fully control the platform and the loan originators.
  • viainvest did very well as a platform during the Corona crisis, which greatly increased interest in the loans it brokered. To have any chance at all to invest in loans, you should use the automatic investment feature.
  • There is no secondary market on viainvest, but most of the loans run for only 30 days. So you should be able to do without your investment amount for at least 4 weeks.

viainvest promo code in 2019 and 2020

In the past, viainvest has also offered promos and bonuses now and then.

We have generally observed with P2P platforms that the platforms tend to end promotions early when promotions are particularly well-received.

If too many new investors sign up within a short period of time, this leads to excess demand, or to put it another way: There are no longer enough loans for everyone. The platforms react by stopping bonus promotions.

Benefit from viainvest's promo campaign now

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