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Swaper Loyalty Bonus (VIP Program)

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Written by Reza Machdi-Ghazvini,CAIA

Financial Expert

Swaper Loyalty bonus program

Investors have the opportunity to receive a loyalty bonus of + 2% on their return on Swaper. At the moment (February 2021), the loyalty bonus is the only way to get higher returns than 14% p.a. on Swaper.

What you need to do to get and keep this bonus, we will explain in this short article.

What conditions do I have to meet to get the loyalty bonus?

Swaper Loyalty bonus

You earn the loyalty bonus by investing at least €5,000 in P2P loans on Swaper over a period of 3 months.

You don't need to tell Swaper separately that you have earned the loyalty bonus, Swaper will credit you the bonus automatically.

Swaper calculates the period from the moment you have invested at least €5,000 and counts the month in full.

For example, if you deposited €5,000 on February 24, Swaper will count February fully. If you stay invested in March and April with at least €5.000, you will get the loyalty bonus from the 1st of May.

Swaper always checks at the end of the month which investors are eligible to receive the loyalty bonus and sends an email to the eligible investors.

When do I lose the loyalty bonus?

You will lose the loyalty bonus if your investments fall below €5,000 for three consecutive months. Swaper will inform you by email when you have lost your loyalty bonus.

Is the loyalty bonus worth it at all?

Is the Swaper loyalty bonus worth it at all?

We think that 2% return makes a difference. For comparison, on Bondora investors get 6.75% p.a. for the main product Bondora Go & Grow (as of February 2021) - so the loyalty bonus is about 30% of the target return of Bondora Go & Grow.

This very simple example shows well that the loyalty bonus is worthwhile. A further comparison with, for example, call money accounts would be a waste of time.

But you should keep an eye on the platform risk. If you have spread your capital over 5 P2P platforms, for example, you are probably invested with 20% of your capital on each platform. If you now start shifting capital from the other platforms just to get the loyalty bonus, it could lead to a high concentration risk.

For example, in a worst-case scenario: let's assume that the platform Swaper goes out of business for unforeseen reasons. If you are invested there with 40% of your capital, then the remaining platforms would have to bring you a return of 66.7% for you to recover your losses.

In no case should you reduce the spread (diversification) of your funds across different P2P platforms just to get the loyalty bonus.

If you have enough capital to maintain the diversification, the loyalty bonus from Swaper seems a good opportunity to gain some additional returns.


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Originally published 16 May 2021, last updated on 03 September 2021