Robocash Review

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Robocash P2P platform review

Robocash is one of the medium-sized European P2P platforms. The platform has been on the market since 2017 and has grown steadily since then. Since its inception, the platform has brokered €200 million in loans.

Robocash follows a similar philosophy as Bondora. Investors should be able to invest in P2P loans with attractive returns as conveniently as possible. Investors who are satisfied with Bondora are also likely to like Robocash as a platform.

Introduction of Robocash as a P2P platform

Robocash(Robocash d.o.o.) was founded in Croatia in 2017. The platform is part of Robocash Group, which brokers loans in 8 European and Asian countries. Robocash is not supervised by a financial market regulator.

Robocash d.o.o. at a glance

  • More than 10,000 investors registered
  • Loans worth more than €200 million brokered
  • Lending in Spain, Singapore, Latvia, Kazakhstan and Vietnam
  • Investors can only invest automatically
  • Average return is about 12% p.a.
  • You can invest in P2P loans from as little as €10
  • A secondary market is not offered
  • Robocash does not offer a tax certificate (alternatively a tax report is offered)

Who can invest on Robocash?

Individuals can invest on Robocash if they are at least 18 years old, have a bank account in the EU and are Swiss or EU nationals.

Companies can also invest on the platform and must provide the following information when registering: Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate of Representative and Identity Document of Representative.

Mediation of P2P loans on Robocash.

Infografik für die P2P Plattform Robocash

Loans are offered on the platform by loan originators (loan brokers).

Like the platform, the loan originators are subsidiaries of Robocash Group. The loan brokers focus on short-term loans. After one of the loan originators has granted a loan, it is subsequently offered on the platform.

Example of lending by a loan initiator

Beispiel Kreditvergabe durch Darlehensanbahner ROBOCASH Vietnam

In Vietnam, loans are granted by the loan provider Robocash Vietnam Co. Ltd.

After a loan has been granted, it is offered on Robocash. This means that the platform itself does not arrange loans directly, but through the subsidiaries of the Robocash Group.

Ratings on Robocash

Which ratings Robocash has awarded is not shown on the platform.

Collateralization of loans on Robocash

The platform mainly brokers short-term consumer loans that are unsecured.

Robocash Review

Robocash is a young platform based in Croatia. The founder of the platform, Sergey Sedov, is well known as an entrepreneur and is driving growth.

The platform itself is integrated into Robocash Group, which has been around since 2013. The group is operating profitably and has reported net income of about $16 million in 2019.

Similar to viaInvest, the platform is backed by a very stable company with a well-known entrepreneur, which has helped the platform grow from the beginning.

There have been no major problems or loan defaults with the platform since its inception. In the beginning, average returns of 14% p.a. were still advertised, which attracted a lot of investors. The high demand led to the yields dropping to 12% p.a..

Robocash is not supervised by any financial market regulator at the current time (January 2021).

How did Robocash perform during the Corona crisis?

Unfortunately, the platform does not share all statistics about its brokered loans, so it is not easy to make clear statements.

However, based on the information shared on the blog and the focus of the loan brokerage on very short-term loans, you can assume that the platform came through the crisis well to very well.

As with almost all other P2P platforms, the volume of loans brokered initially declined and investors began to withdraw money. However, the turnaround came in May when loan volume and also investors returned.

We have observed that all platforms focusing on short-dated loans have remained more or less unaffected by the Corona crisis.

This can be explained by the short-term nature of the loans, some of which run for only 2 to 3 weeks and are issued with low loan amounts. Borrowers can therefore still service their loans even in difficult times.

Advantages and disadvantages of Robocash


  • The biggest advantage of Robocash is that you can invest in P2P loans very conveniently. The platform follows a similar concept as Bondora.
  • The expected average return of 12% p.a. is high compared to other platforms.
  • With Vietnam, Singapore and Kazakhstan, countries are offered that other platforms offer less.
  • The focus on short term loans has advantages especially in difficult market phases.
  • For you as an investor, Robocash is completely free of charge.


  • The platform does not inform its investors about the ratings of the brokered loans.
  • There is no secondary market, but most loans have very short terms.
  • Loan originators broker the loans with repurchase guarantees. The value of these guarantees depends on how solvent the loan originator is. If a loan initiator gets into debt, in the worst case scenario, it may not be able to meet all of the guarantees. The buy-back guarantees suggest a false sense of security.
  • If the platform goes bankrupt, this can lead to the total loss of your investments.

Registration as an investor at Robocash

You can easily register as an investor on Robocash.

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1. register as a user on Robocash

Auf ROBOCASH registrieren

Registration starts with your visit to the website. You click on the "Person" button in the top right menu, then a window opens where you click on "Register".

Robocash Anmeldung erster Schritt

After that you have to fill in some personal data. Enter your first name, last name, e-mail address and phone number. Make sure that your phone number is correct.

And don't forget to enter a referral code to get a 1% cashback bonus from Robocash.

Auf ROBOCASH registrieren - Schritt 2

After that you can choose whether you want to register as an individual or a company. You will need to provide your personal identification number ( ID card or passport, the number in the top right corner of the ID card) and the address of your residence.

You also need to provide some information about what you want to use the account for and where the funds will come from.

2. activate your e-mail address

ROBOCASH Email Adresse bestätigen

Robocash will send you an email to confirm your email address. Press the "CONFIRM E-MAIL" button and your email address is confirmed.

3. verify your bank account and yourself

ROBOCASH Identität verifizieren

Finally, you only need to verify yourself and your account.

Robocash will show you at the top of the screen that you still need to verify your identity. Click on the link and you will be asked to upload a picture or scan of your ID or passport.

You verify your account by depositing money into your Robocash account.

Deposit and withdrawal to Robocash

You can easily deposit or withdraw money to or from your Robocash account through a central Robocash account.

Deposit money

ROBOCASH Geld einzahlen

After you have logged in, click on the button "DEPOSIT MONEY". After that you will be shown what you have to enter for your transfer.

When you make a transfer, you must specify the purpose of the transfer as shown in the "Purpose of payment" section of Robocash.

Withdraw money

You can withdraw money just as easily as you can deposit it. After you have logged in, click on the button "WITHDRAW MONEY" at the bottom right of the overview. Then you need to specify the amount you want to withdraw.

Invest in P2P loans on Robocash

The philosophy of the platform is that you can invest in P2P loans as conveniently as possible. Therefore, the platform offers you only an automatic investment function.

Automatic investing

After you have logged in to Robocash, click on "Invest" in the menu at the top.

After that you can create a portfolio and define how you want to invest.

ROBOCASH automatisch investieren und Portfolio anlegen

You can make the following settings, among others.

  • Minimum and maximum amount per loan
  • Interest rate
  • Term of the loans
  • Investment strategy
  • Loan initiator

The "Investment strategy" setting stands out especially. You can choose how you want to be reinvested. For example, you can specify that interest from a certain amount is paid out to your account and only the amount originally deposited is reinvested (setting "Reinvest the main amount").

Secondary market on Robocash

There is no secondary market offered. Since most loans have short terms, a secondary market does not seem absolutely necessary to us either.

What returns can be achieved on Robocash?

At the current time, the platform advertises an average return of 12% p.a. (January 2021).

What costs and fees does Robocash charge investors?

For investors, Robocash is completely free of charge.

Can I automatically invest in P2P loans on Robocash?

Yes, you can only invest in loans automatically .

Can I select individual loans on Robocash?

No, you cannot select the loans you want to invest in individually.

Risk when investing on Robocash

The (alternative) asset class P2P loans is associated with risks. Borrowers can become insolvent, which leads to default of the loans (loan default risk).

Investors can reduce default risk by tending to invest in loans with higher ratings (better credit scores). On Robocash, you cannot select loans by ratings, but ratings and loan rates are closely related.

It is true that the better the credit rating, the lower the expected interest rates.

Conservative investors should tend to invest in loans with low yields on Robocash. Risk-conscious investors, on the other hand, should do just the opposite.

How reputable is Robocash?

The platform is still very young, yet it has been able to broker an impressive volume of loans in a relatively short period of time. Robocash has benefited from its affiliation with the Robocash Group.

The platform and its investors would benefit from being regulated by a financial market regulator.

How should the repurchase guarantee at Robocash be assessed?

The repurchase guarantee has a practical benefit for investors. With the platform, loans are repurchased after just 30 days . Investors do not have to take care of the loans after that, the loan providers take care of the further processing.

The value of a guarantee depends on the creditworthiness and trustworthiness of the guarantor. For example, if a loan originator were to speculate, all guarantees might not be held in whole or in part.

You shouldn't rely on buyback guarantees.

What are the default rates on Robocash?

The platform does not publish default rates on brokered loans. Comparable platforms have default rates between 5% - 10%, which we would also assume for Robocash.

Are the loans on Robocash protected by the deposit insurance?

No, brokered loans on the platform are not protected by deposit insurance.

Taxes: Tax income from P2P loans on Robocash

Robocash does not offer a tax statement to its investors, but investors can download a tax report.

Prepare tax return on Robocash

ROBOCASH Steuerbericht

To prepare your tax return, first log in and click on "Statement" in the menu.

Then you select the start and end date (typically from January 1 to December 31 of a year).

Sign up for Robocash now

If you like Robocash at first sight, you should register now as an investor on Robocash and test the platform.

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