Rendity €50 Bonus via Promo Code

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Reza Machdi-Ghazvini,CAIA
Last updated on 03 September 2021

Rendity Bonus - click here

When you sign up on Rendity with our exclusive promo code, you will get €25 credited to your Rendity account (wallet).


More than 20,000 investors have already registered on Rendity. The platform has been around since 2015 and has already brokered more than €60 million in loans since then. The focus of Rendity is on real estate loans from Germany and Austria. Investors who reside in a country of the European Union can register on Rendity.

If you are thinking about registering as an investor on Rendity, you should definitely use our Rendity Bonus Code. Then you will receive €25 as a bonus credited to your account. You will also be doing us a favor because we will receive a bonus in the same amount and thus support our work.

Rendity bonus code conditions

If you want to get a €25 bonus from Rendity, you have to start investing on Rendity after your registration with our bonus code.

  • Register at Rendity with our Rendity bonus code

  • €25 bonus

  • The bonus will be credited after the first investment

  • The bonus reward is paid out only once

How do I receive my €25 bonus on Rendity?

Rendity invite a friend

  1. You click on our bonus code link.

  2. After that, you will be redirected to a page of Rendity. On the page it should say that you have been invited, otherwise something didn't work. Click on the button "Signup. Get €25" and follow the instructions.

  3. The first step of the registration will show that you have been invited by us. Then you can be sure that everything worked.

  4. After registration you start investing, then the bonus of €25 will be credited to your account (wallet).

Is it worth investing on Rendity?

On Rendity, you can achieve an average return of 7% p.a.

However, a return of 7% p.a. cannot be earned without taking risks. Our P2P lending guide lists the individual risks that you should be aware of.

Under no circumstances should you compare P2P lending with savings and call money accounts.

But P2P lending is an excellent complement to other asset classes to achieve an attractive return. Likewise, P2P loans are appreciated by many investors who want to build a passive income.

4 details you should know about Rendity

Rendity is a P2P platform that brokers its loans itself and does not work with third-party providers, such as loan originators. This is advantageous for investors, as Rendity has full control over the brokerage of the real estate loans.

  1. The focus of Rendity is on real estate loans from Germany and Austria. The real estate loans on Rendity are brokered without buyback guarantees or similar repurchase promises.

  2. Two types of loans are offered on Rendity: Existing properties and development projects. Existing properties are less risky investments that pay regular interest income to investors.

  3. Rendity has done well to very well during the Corona crisis. One explanation for this is the focus on the German and Austrian real estate markets, which are considered safe havens by many investors.

  4. The minimum investment amount on Rendity is above average at €500 per loan. If you invest via a Rendity savings plan, only a minimum investment amount of €100 per loan is required.

Benefit from Rendity bonus now


To make sure you receive the €25 bonus from Rendity, it's best to register on Rendity now. Registration takes no more than 5 minutes.