PeerBerry Referral Program up to 1% cashback bonus

Last updated on 20 March 2021 by Reza

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PeerBerry Referral Program Code

When you sign up at PeerBerry with our exclusive referral code, you will receive up to 1% of your deposit as a bonus.

Activate PeerBerry Referral Code

PeerBerry was founded in 2017 and has been growing rapidly ever since. Investors with a permanent residence in a country of the European Economic Area can invest on PeerBerry. 

If you want to invest in P2P loans on PeerBerry, you should use our referral code to receive up to 1% of your deposit as a bonus. This way you will also support our work, because we will also receive a bonus in the same amount.

PeerBerry Refer a Friend Bonus Program

PeerBerry Refer a friend Bonusprogramm

PeerBerry Referral Program Terms and Conditions

In order to receive up to 1% cashback on your investment amount, you must deposit at least €500 into your PeerBerry account within 30 days of signing up.

PeerBerry Referral Programm Bonus Spannen

  • Participation in the referral program through our link
  • Reward of €10 for a deposit between €500 - €999.99
  • Reward of €20 for a deposit between €1,000 - €2,499.99.
  • Premium of €30 for a deposit between €2,500 - €4,999.99
  • Bonus of €60 for a deposit between €5,000 - €9,999.99
  • 1 % bonus for a deposit of more than €10,000

How can I participate in PeerBerry's Refer a Friend program?

  1. First you click on our referral Link.
  2. After that you will be redirected to a page of PeerBerry. On the page it should say that you sign up with our Referral Code (Friend's Code) 3R5WLL.
  3. Then click on the "Create account" button and follow the instructions.
  4. After you have successfully registered, you need to deposit at least €500 within 30 days to benefit from the referral program.
  5. After 30 days, it may take up to 10 days for PeerBerry to pay you the cashback reward.

What return can I get with P2P loans on PeerBerry?

You can earn returns of about 12% p.a. as an investor on PeerBerry.

5 Special features about PeerBerry as a P2P platform

The PeerBerry platform follows the business model of a P2P marketplace. Loans are not granted directly by PeerBerry, but through loan originators with whom PeerBerry cooperates.

  • All loans on PeerBerry are brokered with a buyback guarantee.
  • If a loan is more than 60 days in arrears, the loan is bought back by the loan provider. As an investor you get your money and the lost interest back.
  • Sometimes the buyback guarantee is offered together with a group guarantee. If a loan originator defaults, the parent company of the loan originator guarantees the obligations.
  • PeerBerry is among the largest P2P platforms in Europe and offers hundreds of loans every day. You should use the Auto Invest feature to invest in P2P loans fully automatically.
  • PeerBerry does not offer a secondary market. If your invested money should be available quickly, we recommend you to invest only in P2P loans with short terms.

Join PeerBerry's referral program now

PeerBerry's current referral program runs from April 21, 2020 to December 31, 2021, but it may happen that the referral program ends earlier. This may be the case, for example, if the program is well-received.


If you want to secure the cashback bonus on PeerBerry, it is best to register now. Registration takes no more than 5 minutes.