Nibble 1% Cashback as Bonus

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Reza Machdi-Ghazvini,CAIA
Last updated on 10 September 2021

Nibble Bonus Code - click here now

At Nibble, you will receive a 1% bonus when you sign up with our exclusive promo code.

Activate Nibble Bonus Code

Nibble is one of the newcomers in the European P2P lending market. The platform was founded in 2019 and consequently hasn't issued that many loans since then. On Nibble, investors can invest if you have a bank account within the European Union.

If you want to invest in P2P loans on Nibble, you should use our Nibble promo code to get 1% cashback on your investments. You also support our work with it, as we also get paid a bonus by Nibble.

Nibble referral terms

To benefit from the bonus program on Nibble, you just need to register with our promo code and invest in the offered P2P loans.

  • Participation in the bonus program with our link

  • 1% cashback on all investments

  • The cashback bonus is calculated over a period of 90 days

  • After 90 days, the bonus will be paid out to the account

How do I receive my bonus on Nibble?

Nibble invite friends

  1. You click on our referral link.

  2. You will then be redirected to the Nibble website where you will be asked to register.  Then click on the "Join now" button.

  3. Now you will be asked to create a profile. Fill in the form and click on the link "I have a promo-code". If the field is empty, be sure to enter our referral code "N5O25".

Nibble Promo Code

  1. After that, you deposit money to your account and start investing.

  2. The cashback bonus will be calculated over a period of 90 days after your registration. After 90 days, the bonus will be paid to your account.

Is it worth investing on Nibble?

On Nibble, investors can achieve an average return of 14.5% p.a. (May 2021). In direct comparison with other P2P platforms, Nibble is among the platforms that offer investors the highest returns.

This is typical for new P2P platforms, and returns are expected to decrease as more and more investors join the platform. So from this perspective, it definitely makes sense to invest on Nibble.

5 important details you should know about Nibble

Nibble works with its parent company IT Smart Finance Holding to broker loans. Within the group, Nibble takes on the role of facilitating P2P loans to investors that were previously originated by group-owned loan originators in their target markets.

  1. P2P loans with and without buyback guarantees are offered on Nibble. Conservative investors should invest via the traditional strategy if they prefer the additional protection of guarantees.

  2. On Nibble, it is not possible to invest manually in P2P loans. There are 3 investment strategies (Classic, Balanced, Special) available for investors to invest automatically. The strategies differ from each other mainly in their return and risk profiles.

  3. Depending on the strategy, investors can achieve returns of between approx. 10% and 19% p.a.

  4. Investments via the Classic strategy are additionally hedged via a reserve fund, which provides investors with additional security.

  5. There is no secondary market available to investors on Nibble, but the platform offers investors to find buyers for their P2P loans if they want to sell early.

Benefit from Nibble bonus now


Nibble offers investors relatively high returns compared to other P2P platforms, and its bonus program is generous as well. Large P2P platforms often pay cashback bonuses for only 30 days, but at Nibble it's 90 days.

If the program is well-received, you have to expect that the conditions will quickly deteriorate. Therefore, we would recommend you to register on Nibble now to benefit from the bonus program.