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Bondora Portfolio Manager

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Written by Reza Machdi-Ghazvini,CAIA

Financial Expert

Bondora Portfolio Manager

For investors who want a little more control over their investments on Bondora, the platform offers the Portfolio Manager. With this investment function, you can invest in P2P loans from "ultra-conservative" to "opportunistic". However, if you want to set exactly which ratings and countries you want to invest in, the Portfolio Manager is not for you - this only offers the Portfolio Pro. With the Portfolio Manager, you control which P2P loans you want to invest in via the target return.

In this article, we will show you how to set up and activate the Portfolio Manager.

Set up and activate Bondora Portfolio Manager

If you don't find the Portfolio Manager in the menu, it's because you previously invested your money through Bondora Go & Grow or Bondora Portfolio Pro.

Bondora Portfolio Manager change view

To get to the Portfolio Manager, you need to change the view. To do this, first click on your name in the top-right corner, then click on the "Change View" link and select Bondora Portfolio Manager. After that, you will find the Portfolio Manager in the left menu.

Bondora Portfolio Manager settings

You can set how conservative or opportunistic the Portfolio Manager should invest for you. In addition, you can set the initial capital, the monthly payments and the investment period.

For the investment period, you can also specify a decimal number, so you do not necessarily have to specify full years.

If you set the Portfolio Manager to be either more conservative or more opportunistic, the Portfolio Manager will show you directly in which loans you would invest. For example, an "ultra-conservative" setting would only invest in loans with "B" ratings from Estonia.

Bondora Portfolio Manager secondary market

You can also specify whether you want to invest in loans from the secondary market. To find the setting, first click on the "Settings" link. After that, you can then allow or exclude loans from the secondary market.

Bondora Portfolio Manager does not invest

If the Portfolio Manager does not invest in new loans, this may be because no loans are offered that match your settings of the Portfolio Manager.

You can then either wait a little longer or set the Portfolio Manager to be more "opportunistic". Because the more conservative you set the manager, the fewer loans will match the criteria.

Bondora Portfolio Manager vs Portfolio Pro

Portfolio Manager is for investors who want to manage their investments in P2P loans with the target amount (target return). It is suitable for investors who want a little more or less return than Bondora Go & Grow, but also don't want the hassle of having to specify further settings.

Investors who want to invest in specific type of loans on Bondora should use Portfolio Pro. The Portfolio Pro is very similar to Auto Invest portfolios that other P2P platforms offer. You can apply many settings with the Portfolio Pro to invest in P2P loans that match your strategy.


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Originally published 16 May 2021, last updated on 03 September 2021