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Twino Promo Code €15 (bonus Code)

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Get your Twino Promo Code now

With our exclusive Twino promo code you will receive €15 as a welcome bonus when you register on Twino.

Activate Twino Promo Code

Twino is one of the largest European p2p platforms. The platform was founded in Latvia in 2015. Investors who have their permanent residence in a country of the European Economic Area can sign up as an investor on Twino. 

When you register on Twino, you should definitely use our Twino Promo Code to receive a welcome bonus of €15. We also receive a bonus of €15, with which you support our work.

Twino refer a friend bonus program

Twino refer a friend bonus program

Twino promo code terms and conditions

To receive the welcome bonus, you must deposit and invest at least €100.

  • Participation in the bonus program through our link

  • €15 welcome bonus

  • The welcome bonus is paid out only once

  • Minimum deposit €100

How do I receive my bonus on Twino?

  1. You click on our invitation link.

  2. After that, you will be redirected to a page of Twino, on the page it should say "Earn €15 with your first investment".

  3. Then click on the button "Register now" and follow the instructions.

  4. After successful registration you have to deposit and invest €100.

  5. Afterwards, you will receive a €15 bonus on your Twino account the next day.

Twino register now

Is it worth investing on Twino?

You can expect returns between 8% - 10% p.a. on Twino. Compared to traditional savings and call money accounts, this is a big difference.

However, you should not equate p2p loans with savings and call money accounts for two reasons. First, p2p loans are not protected by deposit insurance. And second, with p2p loans you lend money to other users. The borrowers can become insolvent, which can lead to default of the loan (loan default risk). You find more about the associated risks with p2p loans in our peer to peer lending guide.

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional savings products, it may make sense to invest part of your money in p2p loans. However, you should never invest all your savings in p2p loans.

6 details you should know about p2p loans on Twino

Twino belongs to the p2p platforms that act as a marketplace. This means that loans are not sourced directly by the platform. Instead, loan originators sources the loans, which are then offered by Twino on the platform.

While most p2p platforms look very similar at first glance, there are important differences you should know about.

  • P2p loans on Twino are backed by the buyback and payment guarantee.

  • With the buyback guarantee, Twino buys back loans that are more than 60 days late. You, as an investor, will get back your money and the lost interest.

  • Loans offered with payment guarantee continue to run according to the payment schedule despite the borrower's payment difficulties. This means that Twino steps in for the borrower.

  • The main difference between the two guarantees is that you cannot sell delayed loans with payment guarantee on the secondary market after 60 days.

  • The loans on Twino are in high demand and usually sold out quickly. Therefore, you should use the auto Invest function when investing. With the auto Invest feature you create an auto Invest portfolio that invests for you fully automatically. You can create several Auto Invest portfolios and set them according to your wishes.

  • The majority of loans has short terms, sometimes 2 to 3 weeks. If you need your invested money quickly, you can always sell the loans on the secondary market. Don't forget that you can't sell delayed loans with payment guarantee on the secondary market after 60 days.

Twino promo code in 2019 and 2020

The Twino platform has suspended promo and bonus campaigns sometimes in the past. A common reason was that too many investors wanted to invest in loans on Twino.

Get your Twino Bonus now

Get your Twino Bonus now

To make sure that you can also benefit from the welcome bonus, it is best to register now. The registration process is completely digital and takes no longer than 5 minutes.


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Last updated on 23 June 2022