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Swaper Friends Bonus up to 2%

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Reza Machdi-Ghazvini,CAIA

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Swaper bonus code

In Swaper's current "Invite a Friend" program, a friend who invites you will receive a bonus of up 2% depending on your investment.


Swaper has funded loans worth of approx €189 million and therefore belongs to the smaller to mid-sized p2p platforms in Europe (January 2021). You can invest on Swaper if you are a resident of the European Economic Area.

The "refer a friend" program on Swaper works a bit different compared to most other platforms. While your friend receives a bonus of up to 2%, you receive nothing. If you want to support us, we would be happy if you sign up with our promo code.

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Swaper bonus

Swaper referral terms

When you sign up with a friend's promo code, the friend will receive a bonus of up to 2% if the following conditions are met:

  • Participation in the "Refer-a-Friend" program through your friend's link, e.g. our link.

  • Deposit and invest at least €500 within 30 days

  • The amount invested at the end of the 30th day will be counted.

  • The bonus will be paid only once.

The premium your friend will receive as a bonus on the 35th day is set as follows:

  • Premium of 2% starting from an investment of €500

  • Premium of 1.4% starting from an investment of €2,000

  • Premium of 1.3% starting from an investment of €5,000

  • Premium of 1% from an investment of €10,000 without limitation

Is it worth investing on Swaper?

On Swaper, loans are offered with a fixed annual rate of 14% p.a. (January 2021).

Investments in P2P loans offer returns that many investors find attractive. However, p2p loans also have risks. For example, investors should not compare them with savings or call money accounts. Before you invest in P2P loans, you should therefore inform yourself about the opportunities and risks.

In our guide to P2P loans we discuss the chances and risks of P2P loans in detail.

5 details you should know about the P2P platform Swaper

  • The expected return on Swaper is 14% p.a. per year.

  • If you invest at least €5,000 for 3 months, you can get an additional loyalty bonus of 2% p.a.

  • You can invest from as little as €10 in consumer loans from Poland, Spain and Denmark.

  • All loans are offered with a buyback guarantee.

  • Investors can invest manually and fully automatically and use a secondary market.

Invest on Swaper now

To diversify your risks, it makes sense to invest across multiple platforms. Are you considering opening an account on Swaper to expand your investment strategy? If so, we would appreciate if you use our promo code when you register on Swaper.



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Originally published 21 June 2022, last updated on 23 June 2022