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Mintos invitation code up to 2% bonus

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On Mintos you can get a bonus of 1 - 2% from investments of €500 or more. Unfortunately, the program is only open to "real" friends. We are therefore not allowed to publish the invitation code here.

Please send us a short message with the subject "Mintos invitation code" and we will send you the link with the invitation code.

Mintos is the largest European platform for P2P loans at the current time. It was founded in 2015 and has grown rapidly since then. Investors with a permanent residence in a country of the European Economic Area can sign up from Mintos.

If you want to know more about the refer a friend program and the invitation code, feel free to send us a message.

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Mintos premium program

Mintos referral program terms and conditions

To receive 1% - 2% cashback on your investment amount, you must deposit at least €500 into your Mintos account within 30 days of signing up. Your friend will receive the same bonus.

  • Participation in the refer a friend program through a link from a friend

  • Reward of €10 for a deposit of €500 or more

  • €20 bonus for a deposit of €1,000 or more

  • Reward of €30 for a deposit of €2,500 or more

  • Premium of €60 from a deposit of €5,000

  • 1% bonus up to max €1,000 starting from a deposit of €10,000

How do I receive my Mintos bonus?

  1. First you click on the invitation link of your friend.

  2. After that, you will be redirected to a page of Mintos. On the page you should see the name of your friend and that he invited you.

  3. Then you enter your email address, click on the "Create account" button and follow the instructions.

  4. After you have successfully registered, you need to deposit at least €500 within 30 days to benefit from the program.

  5. After 30 days, it can take up to 10 days for Mintos to pay you the bonus.

Is it worth investing on Mintos?

Mintos is currently the largest P2P platform in Europe and has grown rapidly since its launch in 2015. Currently, you can get returns on Mintos with yields between 6% p.a. and 22% p.a., averaging 10% - 12% p.a. (January 2021).

P2P loans are not risk-free, however. Investors should not compare them with savings or call money accounts. If you want to invest in P2P loans, you should carefully inform yourself about the opportunities and risks and then make an active investment decision.

4 details about Mintos you should know

  • Mintos offers you different investment strategies: You can choose between preset strategies, custom strategies or manually selected investments.

  • Mintos offers the largest selection of P2P loans among all European platforms.

  • Thanks to the secondary market, you can get out of your investments relatively quickly.

  • Loans are offered from several countries, including Denmark, Finland, Poland, Spain and the UK, and the minimum investment is 10 euros.

Get your Mintos bonus now

Mintos has discontinued its refer a friend program sometimes in the past. If you have a friend who is already an investor, you should get your bonus now. If you have any questions, please contact us.


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Last updated on 23 June 2022