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iuvo group bonus program up to 150 € cashback

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iuvo Bonus Program Friends

We would like to offer you a promo code (bonus code) that will allow you to receive a welcome bonus after you sign up on iuvo. Unfortunately, that's not how the bonus system on iuvo works.

iuvo is one of the medium-sized p2p platforms in Europe. There are more than 23,000 investors registered on iuvo and the platform has funded loans worth more than €160 million since its inception in 2016. Investors who are permanent residents of a country in the European Economic Area can register on the platform.

When you sign up on iuvo, you can benefit from the iuvo bonus program if you meet a few conditions. As mentioned at the beginning, iuvo does not offer any promo codes, which in our opinion makes it unnecessarily difficult to benefit from the bonus program.

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iuvo refer a friend program

iuvo refer a friend bonus program

Conditions of the iuvo bonus program

To receive a welcome bonus of up to €150 on iuvo, you and the person inviting you must fulfil several conditions.

  • The person inviting you must be registered and have invested at least €1,000.

  • Then you will be invited by the person via the refer a friend form.

  • After you have registered, you must also deposit and invest at least €1,000 within 2 months.

  • iuvo pays a bonus of 1% of the invested amount (maximum €150).

  • After all conditions are met, the bonus reward will be credited to your and the person's iuvo account within 3 days. The bonus will not be divided, everyone will receive the same bonus.

We will be happy to invite you to the bonus program, just send us a message.

How the bonus program on iuvo works

Unlike other bonus programs, you cannot take the initiative and sign up with a promo code to benefit from the program. You need someone to invite you.

After you are invited, you click on the invitation link and follow the instructions.

Does it make sense to invest on iuvo?

iuvo is currently one of the fastest growing p2p platforms in Europe. The platform has its strength in brokering consumer loans, especially from Bulgaria.

Investors can achieve returns of about 15% p.a. on average. Both conservative and risk-averse investors can find a wide range of loans on iuvo.

4 important points you should know about iuvo as a platform

The iuvo platform, like all other p2p platforms, has its peculiarities. Before you start investing on iuvo, you should know the main differences and features.

  • As of today, all loans on iuvo are offered to investors with buyback guarantees (as of February 2021).

  • The buyback guarantees take effect either after 16, 30 or 60 days. The vast majority of loans (more than 90%) are offered with buyback guarantees that take effect after 60 days.

  • If a loan is repurchased, the investor is compensated only for the capital invested. Lost interest is not paid out.

  • No other p2p platform offers its investors so many settings for the automatic investment function.

Join iuvo's refer a friend bonus program now

In the past, it happened on other p2p platforms that bonus programs were suddenly discontinued without notice.

P2p platforms tend to stop bonus programs early if the programs are working too good. The platforms then try to throttle the sign-ups of new investors so that there are still enough loans available for all investors.

If you are interested in iuvo's refer a Friend bonus program, it is recommended to secure the bonus reward while it is offered.


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Last updated on 23 June 2022