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Bondora bonus €5 premium

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Bondora bonus

When you sign up on Bondora with our exclusive bonus link, Bondora will give you €5 for free.


Bondora is one of the 5 largest European p2p platforms (as of January 2021) and was founded in 2009. People with a permanent residence in a country of the European Economic Area can register as an investor with Bondora.

If you are planning to sign up with Bondora, be sure to use our bonus code to get a 5 euro bonus. We also receive a bonus, with which you support our work.

Bondora Bonus

Bondora bonus

Bondora bonus conditions

  • You participate in the Bondora referral program with our bonus code

  • After the registration you will receive €5 as a bonus

  • The bonus is paid out only once

How do I receive my bonus on Bondora?

  • You click on our invitation link.

  • You will be redirected to the Bondora site, the link in the address bar of your browser should end with "rezam2".

  • On this page you can register, just follow the instructions.

  • After the successful registration you will receive the bonus of €5 credited.

Is it worth investing on Bondora?

On the p2p platform Bondora you can expect returns of about 6.75% p.a. for the product "Go and Grow" and 12% p.a. for the products "Portfolio Manager and Portfolio Pro".

Investing in p2p loans is associated with risks. In no case should you compare p2p loans with savings or call money accounts. Before you invest in p2p loans, you should inform yourself about the opportunities and the risks. If you want to learn more about peer to peer loans as an asset class, you can read our guide about peer to peer lending.

5 details you should know about the p2p platform Bondora

  • Bondora is one of the platforms that sources p2p loans directly. They do not work with loan originators.

  • On Bondora you can only invest fully automatically, for this purpose, 3 different investment products are offered.

  • The expected returns of the offered investment products of the platform are between 6.75% p.a. and 12% p.a.

  • Investments can be made from €1, and you can invest in loans from Estonia, Finland and Spain.

  • You can exit your investments quickly. For the product "Go and Grow" this is actively advertised, for the other investment products you can use the secondary market.

Get your Bondora bonus now


If you want to benefit from the Bondora bonus, you should register right away. In the past, it happened again and again with other p2p platforms that bonus programs were discontinued, for example, if they were doing particularly well. Therefore, do not wait too long.


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Last updated on 23 June 2022